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Last modified: Sat, Aug 29, 2020

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A black and white picture of a man with glasses. This man is named Robin Wils.

About Robin Wils

I am a computer nerd from Belgium, who is also interested in art. Maintaining a personal website is fun in my opinion. Welcome on my website.

Computer interests: GNU/Linux, Windows, 3D-modeling, computer productivity, web design,…

Art interests: Drawing, sculpting, film making (practical effects are interesting),…

That are not all my interests, but it is a start.

You might be able to get to know me when you read this website. There are many things which could describe me.

Website technology

This website was made in ox-hugo which is an GNU Emacs package.

The simple style of this website has a reason. Read my Why is this website so simple article for more info.