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Last modified: Mon, Aug 15, 2022

A black and white picture of a man with glasses. This man is named Robin Wils.

Robin Wils
I am a human animal which lives in Belgium. You can explore my interests and opinions on this website. I have existed for 24 years on this Earth.


Computer interests Art interests
GNU/Linux Drawing & digital art
Windows Sculpting
Web design & web development Filmmaking (practical effects and such)
Game development
Scripting & package deployment


Internship as full-stack web developer at Adshot
I completed an internship as full-stack web developer at Adshot. This included making a research paper about automation testing tools.

Linux Challenge by FPS Finance
I finished second of all students during the Linux Challenge 2019 by FPS Finance.

The student winners of the Linux Challenge 2019 standing next to each other.

Package deployment at Cartamundi Turnhout
I completed an internship at Cartamundi Turnhout as network administrator assistant by deploying packages with Lansweeper and Chocolatey.

During my free time I made some 2D-games, this website and a couple of productivity scripts for my own use. I try to keep teaching myself new skills although it is easy to put too much on your plate, and to end up doing almost nothing.

Website technology

This website was made in ox-hugo which is an GNU Emacs package. It is mostly made for myself. Typing ideas out can help to further develop those ideas.