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What I am doing

It has been a while since I have posted something in this category.

I have invested quiet some time into walking to train for the death march, and the drawing challenge takes time as well. Setting up NixOS takes time too, but it is useable already, so I am not tweaking it much.


I have been itching to ditch tech more. But it was just a temporarily mood. I do not want to be too dependant on tech. There is a reason why many people stick with technology jobs. It pays well, and getting a degree did cost time.

Since college I have missed the creativity part of technology. Game development still has some room for creativity. Typing code for a company is usually not that creative in my opinion.

I thought of ditching digital drawing, and animate on paper. It isn't impossible that I would someday take that route.


As stated in my last post I am back on the Fediverse, but I am already considering to leave again. You spend time on it, and do not get much out of it. Although there may be a Fedi meetup nearby in June/August, so I will likely keep it until that has passed.

People are very online nowadays.


I too, am too online nowadays. On NixOS I haven't managed to automatically turn off my internet within the weekdays yet. I have been engaging in some escapism.

I do appreciate personal websites though. But it is ok to not post too frequently. Once again I brought back some old articles from the death.


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