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Last modified: Sun, Aug 30, 2020

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What is DRM?

The eliminate DRM logo. The text on the logo is 'ELIMINATE DRM DefectiveByDesign.org'.

DRM means Digital Right Management, but some opponents of DRM prefer to call it Digital Restrictions Management.

It is a method to prevent the customer from doing certain things like making copies. DRM is a tool that restricts the user from doing certain things. DRM is about restrictions, not rights.

Day against DRM 2019

Day against DRM focused on ebooks during 2019.

Microsoft deleted thousands of ebooks from ebook readers, smartphones and other devices.

Students had DRM on some textbooks in schools. Some students couldn’t access these textbooks because of the DRM on the textbooks. Everyone has the right on education, so why do people use DRM, which prevents many people from reading textbooks?

There are dust jackets available to print out and wrap around books. Please spread the word.

Why is it bad?

It encourages piracy

It fails to prevent people to illegally pirate the product. Many users who pirate a product don’t seem to have problems with DRM, since people can remove the DRM. It is probably illegal to remove it, but pirating is illegal as well.

The legal consumers who purchase a product seem to have the problems. This seems to encourage piracy, but it was probably made to prevent it.

Do companies really believe that DRM is good for the marketshare of the product?

You can lose your product

It is possible that you can lose a product, which you paid for. It has happened before and people don’t always get their money back.

Many products which use DRM can’t be accessed without internet. This means that you lose the product when the servers go offline or when people decide to remove the product from the server.

I repeat: Do companies really believe that DRM is good for the marketshare of the product?

It can prevent people from using it

DRM capabilities on PDFs allow the maker of for example a PDF to block the ability to use a screen reader with it. This prevents blind people from making use of that content.

I repeat again: Do companies really believe that DRM is good for the marketshare of the product?

Some other reasons

How can you help?

There are many ways to fight against DRM. Defective by design has a campaign against DRM every year. Their site also contains more ways to protest against DRM.

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