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Last modified: Fri, Apr 30, 2021

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What is it?

Google Hash Code is an international programming competition where each team has to solve an algorithmic problem. The team that best designs this algorithm earns the most points on the scoreboard.

Preparation for the event

The team I worked with started a questionnaire with different programming languages in Microsoft Teams. The choice with the most votes turned out to be JavaScript, which was extremely useful. Nobody had to install an extra application on their computer for JavaScript.

Before the match started, we started a practice round to make sure the software worked well for everyone. In the end, we found an extension for Visual Studio Code to work together in the same file. This was very useful.

The competition

This competition took place online and it went well. The team worked well together and communicated well. I shared my screen and always had a demo of the website open. We had a little misunderstanding here when I uploaded the wrong file to our demo website.

The online platform was also a nice platform where you could walk around and talk in certain zones. I like this idea more than just using an online video call.

The online platform which Google used for communication during Google Hash Code.

Nobody on the team expected us to get a great score, because we had only finished our code at the end of the time limit. So we didn’t have time to optimize the algorithm.


We finished in 85th place of all Belgian participants, and had finished 3rd from our hub. A hub is a specific group of people who are in the same virtual space. People from the same hub have the same invite link.

My thoughts

This was a pleasant experience. I didn’t learn a huge amount from this experience, but I did find an interesting Visual Studio Code application that makes teamwork easier.

Communication went smoothly, but I have more problems with communication that is not online. That is the thing I want to work on. It is a bit strange because in many groups I can just be myself, and I dare to talk more often in those groups.