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Last modified: Sat, May 1, 2021

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I found the Appwise seminar very interesting. I learned a few things that I was not aware of. For example, that psychology can be part of design. People prefer clicking on green buttons over clicking on red buttons, for example.

The road to Appwise was not ideal for cycling. So the location was a bit inconvenient. I found the company itself interesting.

There were also a number of videos that I had already seen in college topics like business flow, e-commerce and software analysis. Those videos are useful but a little unnecessary if you have already seen them. Of course, the company couldn’t know that we already saw those videos.

A picture of Appwise.

The workshops were great, and there was room to ask for advice during the breaks. For example, I asked which college the speaker recommended for design, since it does interest me. I will probably try to learn design on my own. I don’t really hear many great things from most design schools.

During a workshop we had to design a dating app on paper. Afterwards we had to show it to the other teams. This went quite smoothly, and I was able to network quite well as well. I am usually not great at that. Talking to others went better than usual.

Xplore group

The location to presentation of Xplore group was more convenient by bike, since they gave the seminar at Corda Campus close to the college I go to.

The presentations were ok, but I personally liked the seminar of Appwise more. Many things that were told during the Appwise seminar came back in the Xplore group seminar. It was more practical. It was kind that both companies offered some food.

My thoughts

I expected a little more from the innovation routes. I expected to gain more knowledge about the subject after following the route. Three moments to learn an entire subject is not enough. This innovation route was interesting, but it only contained a simple basis. I wouldn’t mind learning more about UI/UX through some self-study.