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Last modified: Sun, Jan 10, 2021

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The package dwmconf will help you with building a custom dwm configuration. The package will provide you the dwmconf command. This command will have some parameters which will help you with configuring dwm.

You can also think about this project for another program. This came to my mind, since many packages of the suckless project aren’t that user friendly to install. This can make one of their packages more user-friendly to configure.


The purpose of this project is to help people with finding the right wiki’s quickly.

Cloud Firewall

You might have heard of the Cloud Firewall browser extension. The idea is to make the same thing, but as a actual application which runs on your desktop. Firewall blocking by using the Firewall of the system should work better than an add-on which does it by rDNS requests.

Better browser engine

A browser engine is the core of every web browser. It is the part of the browser which renders your pages.

The idea is to create a browser engine with editable options. These options should make it possible to create different configurations.

Some configurations could focus on privacy while others could focus on a browser with many features for average users.


The browser engine market is rather small, but I hear many people complaining that they can’t do some things in their browser.

Some wanted features are:

How can you achieve extensibility?

I was thinking of doing this by creating different packages. The basic browser engine should already contain some by default though. A bit like how repositories work. The system which GNU Emacs uses as well.

Modern new editor

GNU Emacs does not use code parsers to do the syntax highlighting or at least not by default. The way that it does syntax highlighting is by regular expressions. This can cause incorrect syntax highlighting.

Vi-like things are even worse, since they can’t even handle multiple language syntax highlighting in one file.

I find the way in which GNU Emacs handles packages great, but the editor is becoming more outdated. It works with repositories. The defaults of GNU Emacs aren’t great either. I think that parsers or not should be a choice.

I would like keybindings like Xah Lee has, since he has invested a lot of time in keyboards. Vi and Emacs keybindings are not good when it comes to working for a long time. I do think that keybindings should be a thing which is easily changeable.

I do want a configurable config, just like the GNU Emacs one. It should be lightweight and easy to install. I do want it to be a tiny bit more modern. Some packages could be a bit more heavy, but lightweight alternatives should exist.