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Last modified: Mon, Jan 11, 2021

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Cannibal Holocaust movie

Warning: this is not a fun film to watch.
This movie is brutal and contains some gore, but it has a purpose.

This movie ranks high in many mainstream disturbing movie charts.

Movie description

The movie is about a team that is looking for people who went missing, and yes cannibals are involved.


It contains rape and animal cruelty. The acts are shown clearly. You see everything of the act on screen. It is disturbing.

Don’t watch it if you can’t handle violence.

The message

Yes, this movie has an actual message. It is not just mindless violence. It makes you question what being civilized means. It is also about the media and how it is being manipulated.

This film actually tries to make you think about the content of exploitation and disturbing films. Can people justify that kind of content? Is it all just film?

I found the ending a bit predictable, but I think that it changes how some people look at films. It is a commentary on the modern world.

The animal cruelty

This movie does not justify animal cruelty. It is real, but the people there kill animals, so the director first claimed that most of it was going to happen anyways.

The tribes aren’t actually cannibalistic in real life though. He now claims that he was stupid to introduce animals.

Film historians claim that the deaths were quick and painless, but there are some deaths which don’t look painless to me, to be honest, but I am not a film historian.

It was a different time, but you can fake such stuff. It does highlight what kind of people they are, but that was already clear.

The animal killings don’t have a ton of purpose in the movie and some animals that were killed don’t have a ton of meat, so it is hard to defend it with that those tribes would kill them anyways.

Are people killed in this movie?

This movie feels very realistic, but no. Only animals were killed. I can’t say that the people are treated well though. The movie feels very real.

There is much debatable stuff in the movie, which makes you question of the people in the movie were treated well.

It is hard to defend the director. I don’t think that everyone who helped with the movie wanted to do what they did.


The director made people sign a contract so that they would not appear in any media for one year after the release of the movie.

Too bad for him. People thought that the movie was real, and he had to defend himself, because he was charged with murder.

He had to explain some special effects and had to prove that the people were still alive.

This movie was important in history

This movie must have influenced censorship in some way. The effects were also excellent.

It was the first film which did a part in the found footage style. I usually dislike that style a lot. This movie was not completely in that style, but it was done greatly. I actually liked it.

The found footage genre was later popularized by The Blair Witch Project. The found footage genre wasn’t invented by The Blair Witch Project.

I believe that it also had an impact on animal killing in movies. That it is usually not a good thing to do. It challenged what was acceptable in society.


The animal scenes aren’t that long, and I expected it to be a lot worse. It happens in the second part of the movie. I actually like the first part of the movie more.

The film is overall very good. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. I think that it is worth watching if you can handle it. It’s history can make you feel bad, but the story that it tells is arguably still relevant. It is probably even more relevant now.

It is a hard movie to talk about, but here it is.

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