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Last modified: Mon, Jan 11, 2021

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Dark Skies movie

Dark Skies is a horror movie that knows how to build suspense. It is a pretty spooky movie. It is just all about suspense.

If you liked this

You will likely also like Antichrist from Lars von Trier if you liked Dark Skies.

Antichrist has nudity, but it is also a movie which is all about suspense. It is very well-shot though. Very nice colors and camerawork.

I personally found Antichrist a better movie than Dark Skies. It just tried to have more story. Dark Skies was better in building up suspense in my opinion. Antichrist can be found on effedupmovies.com, enjoy.

My opinion

I find these movies incredibly well-made and think that it isn’t easy to build such good suspense.

I just really like to have some kind of message in movies. It kinda makes these movies a bit useless in my opinion, because they lack some story. Don’t get me wrong though, these movies have story, just not enough to convince me.

I do have much respect for these movies though. They are very good at what they do. I don’t dislike them, but I just feel like they miss some stuff.