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Last modified: Mon, Jan 11, 2021

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Ichi the Killer (also known as Koroshiya 1)

Movie description

I enjoyed this movie. Many claim that it is very disturbing, but it was doable. Not all acts are graphically shown. It is based on a manga.

Oh, also before you watch this. Yakuza is the Japanese mafia. It is still around today and it is well-known.

It contains sexual violence. The story is disturbing. I haven’t seen the prequel yet, but I might watch it in the future.


The gore was not realistic, comparable with stuff like Braindead (also know as Dead Alive). I like that kind of gore.

I watched the uncut version. It was enjoyable and interesting. I do think that it could be shot a lot darker or scarier though. It can be seen as a dark comedy. Some stuff, is a bit over the top.

The story is good enough to keep you entertained. The plot is disturbing, but the shots aren’t that darkish, but don’t get me wrong the shots are great.

I like this movie.

Audition movie

Audition is another move rom Takashi Miike.

Audition (Ōdishon) had a great story, but I found it overrated. They often call Audition disturbing, but it was kinda average in my opinion. The story was interesting though.

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