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Last modified: Sat, Feb 13, 2021

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Raw movie

Warning: this is not a fun film to watch.
It is a disturbing movie.


It is about a young girl, who studies to become a vet. She is a vegetarian, but not for too long. Things will change…

It is a drama horror movie.


It is shot great. The movie is interesting. I don’t like everything in the movie, but I still really like this movie. It does not contain that much gore. I like the music in this movie as well.

This movie which has a deeper meaning than some might think.

Meaning (spoilers)

This movie is a coming-of-age story. Even the visual style shows this.

The mirror scene is pretty cool in my opinion. You see a blanket fall of a dead dog before the scene starts. It is probably symbolism of her finally opening up and exposing her true self.

I also liked the end. The family knew that this could happen the whole time.

Scenes I did not like (spoilers)

As you might know, from my the movies from Lucifer Valentine page. I hate piss.

This movie has a moment with piss at some point. I personally didn’t find it too bad, but it wasn’t needed in my opinion.

I also don’t like how rude some people are in this. The behavior of some of these people…, I just don’t like it, but it is still watchable.

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