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Last modified: Mon, Jan 11, 2021

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The movies from Lucifer Valentine

I decided to watch the movies of Lucifer Valentine, because I believed that I had to see them at some point as a horror movie fan.

Black Metal Veins is a decent documentary. It might be worth watching. It isn't fantastic, but it is very raw. It isn't bad.

The Vomit Gore Movies are movies which I would not recommend.

The first and the second movie of the Vomit Gore movies are pretty artsy and I respect them for that. It is an experience. The other ones are mostly just fetish movies in my opinion.

A Perfect Child of Satan was pretty well executed, but the story was weak. It isn't terrible, but I miss a deep story.

In case you are Lucifer Valentine, I have some advice for your future movies.

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The Vomit Gore movies

Little note from Robin Wils

If anyone can explain the story to me please contact me. I know that some fans claim that these movies have much story. I couldn’t find much story.

I am not a fan of these movies, but I think that is worth reviewing. I don’t think that these movies are must-see movies, maybe this page can convince some people to not watch these movies.

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

Story description

The “story” is about some teen runaway. We follow that character when she is grown-up. She is also a stripper? Uhm, well, in my opinion this does not have much story. It just some nightmare sequence or something.

Story spoilers The main character dies by drowning in a bath at the end of the movie.


First of all. I kinda liked the editing and expected this movie to be a lot worse.

I kinda liked it for what it was, because the environment was dark and I guess that the style was kinda unique. It really wasn’t too bad?

It has much nudity, which I am not a fan of, but this movie does not have any close-up genitalia, unlike the other movies. The nudity in this movie is mostly nude dancing.

The gore effects in this movie aren’t convincing in my opinion. It aren’t the worst effects, but they are pretty bad.

I saw it as some kind of art movie, and it wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed it more than anything from the August Underground franchise. It at least was somewhat interesting and unique. It is a pretty forgettable movie. It is a cool nightmare experience.

Scene descriptions

ReGOREgitated Sacrifice

Story description

Uhm, nightmare sequence part two! The story, uhm, what story?

Well, there are twins which torment some victims. The dead, main character of the previous movie is alive in this movie and she tell us some more stuff about her childhood. She is also pregnant and happens to be a Kurt Cobain fan. I don’t think that it is too important.

Satan or whoever the story is about, just seems to like to torture and kill strippers or something. He also loves vomit and rape?


I liked the editing style, just like in the previous movie and saw it as an art film. However I did not appreciate this movie. First of all, the environment is light, not dark or creepy.

Also, this movie… has close-up genitalia shots. It also has shots in which someone just pisses over the camera. The vomit is also much more present compared with the previous one.

The gore effects have improved, but they are not too convincing. The effects themselves are pretty good. It might look more realistic if they cut some stuff during editing or improved the effects during editing, or maybe if it was in a dark environment.

This movie is still an experience, I guess. It still has something, but is coming closer to just a fetish movie, but it also is somehow more memorable than the previous one in my opinion, which is a good thing.

Scene descriptions

Slow Torture Puke Chamber

Story description

Story? Uhm, I didn’t catch anything new. The other movies already go into the past of that character. This movie has some new characters, but in my opinion no new story. In fact this pretty much has no real story.


This was just a fetish movie in my opinion. It starts out with much close-up pissing stuff. Also vomit, but did I mention how much pissing this movie has? This movie is really only for fetish people.

It has some fake baby, gore stuff, which they do nasty things with just to make it look more like a movie, I guess. The gore, again isn’t very convincing. The effects aren’t terrible, but it looks fake.

The inserted stock footage made the movie worse. Stock footage can help movies, but it was completely unrelated to the movie. It would be a more horrible, better movie without it.

This was no longer a nightmare experience in my opinion. You can call it a nightmare, but it does not feel like an experience.

It lacks some elements which the previous two movies had. The previous one had worse gore in my opinion. This one is just so focused on vomit and piss. That is gross, but not too interesting or special in my opinion.

Scene descriptions

Black Mass of the Nazi Sex Wizard

Story description

The prequel to the Vomit Gore movies. We might finally learn what these movies are about! Oh wait, actually, you will learn nothing new! What a surprise!

Oh also, there is a Nazi flag in this movie, but it seems to be completely unrelated to the story. It pretty much has nothing to do with Nazis.

It starts out quiet boring like usually, but like usual, Lucifer Valentine turns it up a whole lot during last part of the movie.


Oh, yay more vomit and piss! Great! – Actually no.

This is a call for help. I hate this. It takes a while before the piss stuff happens, but I can’t explain how much I hate piss. I guess that these movies made me realize that. The vomit does not bother me too much, but the piss does.

At least the music is better made. You can tell that he tried. It has more unrelated boring stock footage, which shouldn’t be in the movie at all.

Does it top the other movies? No! It is just another fetish movie, not a nightmare experience.

Scene descriptions

A Perfect Child of Satan

Story description

This short film is not related to the vomit gore movies. It follows, once again a prostitute. She has been chatting with someone, and is obsessed with him. She plans to meetup with him. This movie contains no vomit.

Story spoilers Well, obviously something had to happen right? Lucifer Valentine wrote this... She visits him and he starts laughing. He rapes her. Oh, he also murders her.


I thought that the music kinda worked in this movie, although it isn’t too special. It is pretty loud. The story is weak, but it at least is understandable.

Honestly, not the worst short I have seen. This is alright, it is not wonderful, but it is watchable. It isn’t too bad.

Black Metal Veins

Story description

A very raw “documentary” of the life of some drug addicts. It doesn’t has much to do with Black Metal, but these druggies listen to it.

The ending seems fake though. The blood looks very fake, but I do think that it contains much truth as well.


It is actually well-done. It does not have the typical Lucifer Valentine editing. It just follows the life of some druggies. It could be better, but really this is quiet good. It is very much, watchable, at least.

The Angela Chapters

I haven’t seen this one yet. It isn’t available on yet.

Advice for Lucifer Valentine

I don’t expect him to see this, but I might as well write this out.

Character development

Try to develop characters which people care about. It is alright to have some vomit or whatever, if it works in the story. You can even destroy that character. Take a look at the movie Martyrs. It has a deeper meaning.

Movies about your fetish

If you want to make a movie for your fetish, sure go ahead, but don’t put the horror label on it, if it is only mode for fetish purposes. Horror is about a lot more than just gore.

Sure, movies like August Underground and such exist. The director had a reason to make it. He wanted to show the world that killers aren’t good people. Horror movies don’t always show killers as terrible people.

I am not here to say that your movies aren’t art, but the meaning of the Vomit Gore movies isn’t clear. Maybe I just don’t understand it yet. Imagine what you could do if you could break people psychologically and because of the gross stuff they see.

Movie style

Give the movie Eraserhead a watch and look into what that movie means. Maybe you can make your movies more surreal and put a message in it.

Maybe don’t use stock footage which doesn’t add anything to the movie? It is fine to use stock footage and it can help movies, but it has to be relevant.