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Last modified: Mon, Feb 8, 2021

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Brave is a FLOSS web browser which includes an ad blocker and gives you free cryptocurrency.

I know, it sounds like a scam.

Why is it good?


It is a step forward in privacy for many people. Most people use Chrome. Brave is based on Chromium and provides some extra security features like using Tor for private windows.

It is not as secure as Tor browser and I don’t trust Chromium either, but I believe that every browser isn’t great for privacy.

Including Tor, even though it is still much better than many other browsers when it comes to privacy.

It is not perfect. I2P might be better in many ways, but I haven’t looked into it. Not so well-known stuff is sometimes more anonymous, but it can be less secure too.

There are many Firefox based and Chromium based browsers. Most of those browsers don’t add many extra features.

It blocks ads

Brave blocks ads by default, which is neat. The ad blocker is inspired by uBlock Origin and Ghostery.

There are still people who don’t use an ad blocker. Ad blockers are good for your privacy, since many ads come with trackers. Ads are just annoying. Just block them.

It pays you

Browsers all kinda suck when it comes to privacy, but Brave does one thing which most other browsers don’t do.

It pays you, if you allow it to show some small notification like ads in the corner of your screen. This is why I decided to give it a try.

Go to brave://rewards and make sure that the ads slider is toggled and the auto-contribute slider is not.

You have to make a Uphold account to claim the crypto. It isn’t the simplest process to go through, but you get a tiny bit of crypto every month. I get around 5 BAT a month from the notification ads.

You can get more if you allow donations in Brave Rewards. I configured it. Brave is not a scam and gives you some crypto if you connect a Uphold account.


I just realized that you can earn more.

Go to brave://rewards and click on the tiny settings button which I failed to notice. You can ask Brave to show more ads here, which means more BAT.

The location of the Brave Rewards settings button.

Screenshot of the location of the Brave Rewards settings button By Robin Wils - CC0 licensed.

Donation system

Brave comes with a donation system. Brave shows tip buttons on some sites and you can use it to donate to people. This is pretty neat.

What I don’t like about it

I would recommend abrowser if you want a Firefox based browser. It is what I currently use to test my websites in.

Using Firefox also means supporting competition which is good. Choice is great, but getting free crypto is also welcome.