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Last modified: Mon, Apr 5, 2021

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Does online privacy matter?

Yes, online privacy matters and some people really need it. It is a good thing to fight for. You deserve online privacy.

Should you care though?


The most important thing about online privacy is probably security.

The problem with privacy is that it often hurts convenience. It is often just not worth it and you can’t always fight against it.

I don’t think that online privacy will every be a common thing because almost every website seems to track you.

Selling personal data just pays well, so some companies won’t stop doing it.

A big example which you can almost not avoid is Cloudflare. It costs too much time to avoid. That does not mean that it is ethical to use Cloudflare, but convenience matters.

It feels like online privacy does not exist. Keep in mind that security does exist. You don’t want to give your passwords to attackers.

You can’t fight against everything without missing out on important things. Phones save every move you make. Google and many other big companies play with your personal data.

Seek balance

Make hard for the attackers, but not too hard. Not too hard still means that your security should be better than average.

There are enough people who are less secure as you. Attackers will pick those victims unless you are a very important person.

Fighting for privacy often takes away a lot of your convenience. You might be more productive without caring about all those things. I think that you should often pick productivity over security.

This does not mean that is ethical to take away the privacy of others. I respect people who fight for privacy and I believe that everyone needs privacy.

It is just sad that so many things are being controlled. I hope that GNUnet fixes some of the damage that has been done to the internet.

If you want to fight for privacy, do it right

I dislike how some geeky privacy organisations spread the word.

They don’t use the platforms which they dislike. The people on the platform which they use are usually already convinced.

There is no point in spreading the information there. I recommend you to use the platforms which you dislike. Try to start some movement on the platform.

Bashing stuff is easy. Try to find solutions to the problem too, but stay active on the site you dislike until the majority of people have moved.

In general spread the word. You want to influence people. You can, as an organisation mention that you don’t support those sites on your website.

Think about how the world works. Think about how you can reach the right people.

I do recommend things like password managers. It makes your life even more convenient and more secure. It is worth it and you should use it.

I have been a privacy geek before. Remember if you move too far to the privacy side, you will miss out on things and you will lose connections with some people. It is ok to choose privacy sometimes, but don’t let it ruin your life.

It is not bad to know how you can protect yourself, but also ask yourself of it is worth it. Security and privacy matters, but so does convenience and productivity.

One basic rule is think before you post something on the internet. This alone, can help you a lot. People can use your data against you.


Choose how far you are willing to go, but don’t become too obsessed with it. Security and privacy matters, but so does convenience and productivity.