Why is this website so simple? — Robin Wils's website

Last modified: Sun, Aug 30, 2020

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The readers

My readers might like simple things. It makes it easier to read for many people, since there aren’t too many distractions.

It could be even simpler, but I want that it works and that it is easy to use for the most people. Making it too minimal would take away that it is easy to use.

I will also provide some other themes in case you don’t like the style of this website.

It is fast

It could still load fast if I would have added more styles or even JavaScript. There is a difference between a page which loads extremely fast and a page which loads fast. This website should be readable on slow internet connections unlike many other sites.

It is easier to manage

Adding more elements means that you also have to manage those elements.

It works on many browsers

This website should work on text-based browsers, unlike many other websites. It won’t work on very old browsers, since it uses HTML5.

HTML5 should make the website easier to read for people who use screen readers. I want that this website works for the biggest group of people. That includes people with reading problems.

It is privacy friendly

Many websites and ads track you. I don’t like programs which spy on users and many other people don’t like it either.