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Last modified: Sat, Aug 29, 2020

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What is an internet meme?

An internet meme is commonly known as just a meme, which means something else apparently. An internet meme is an activity, concept, catchphrase, or piece of media that spreads, often for humorous purposes, from person to person via the internet.

That was a bit of text… you can usually just replace the word internet meme with internet joke or internet content. The word internet meme is correct, but the word meme is probably technically incorrect.

That definition is pretty unclear. A simple avatar or profile picture is an internet meme, according to that definition. The internet memes that I wrote about in this article are the common sometimes funny images and short sometimes funny video formats of the internet memes.

The value of an internet meme

An internet meme usually does not have a lot of value in my opinion. The jokes can be funny for a few minutes. The fun that you get from it usually does not last long.

Watching a movie might satisfy you more if you want to have a laugh. Some of the internet memes are art, but most are just the same repitive jokes with different text. Some of them aren’t even funny in my opinion.


Many social media contains so many internet memes that it clutters the content which you might want to see. It can act like spam for the people who don’t want to see that content.

An internet meme often wastes space for educational or valuable content. Images can make your content more readable, but internet memes also don’t look formal in my opinion.

The internet meme culture

There are different types and sizes of internet memes. Many internet meme communities claim that the internet memes from 9gag and ifunny are poorly made.

Internet memes are often poorly made. There are exceptions, but even most of the famous 4chan memes are often pretty poorly made in my opinion.

I don’t often visit well-known chans or forums. I usually only visit pages or boards about technology if I do.


Internet memes often don’t bring a lot of extra value to something. They are often a waste of space. I might even block them if it becomes possible to do so.

They can be useful to fill up some content, but be careful if you do that. Your content might look less formal if you do that.

The biggest thing that I don’t like about memes is that they are overrused and you download them when you visit a page while you might not even want to see them.

I also don’t like the word. I will try to use the word internet joke instead. I am not saying that anyone should ban it, since that probably won’t work anyways. The thing about these jokes is that it is an idea which many people seem to like.