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Last modified: Sat, Aug 29, 2020

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What is normal?

Normal is the norm, being standard, a regular pattern. Normal is fitting in with the majority of people.

The word normal can mean something else for some people because they see other things as normal. This article is about the word normal as in living like the norm.

My thoughts

I believe that no one is normal. Some people just try to look or act normal. I don’t see myself as a normal person either.

Disadvantages of being different

Not everyone likes that you are different

People might bully you because you are different. You might be an easier target compared to others. This might be the biggest disadvantage, but this comes with a lot of advantages as well.


Everyone has different opinions. You can never be good for everyone. The norm might have some different opinions which might get you some haters.

You can try to change people their opinions, but remember that it is not easy to convince someone. Start with small things to see if they want to be convinced.

People who follow the norm might get hate as well, but the norm is bigger as the rest. You could get more hate if you don’t follow the norm.

Don’t try to be different just to be different, dare to be yourself. Being different to be different doesn’t really seems to have a purpose. There are better (and more valid) reasons to be different.

People expect you to fit in

You might have to make some sacrifices if you want to be what you like. I, for example, go to a college which uses closed-sourced software, and I don’t like many things which they teach. You sometimes just can’t seem to be who you would like to be.

This does not mean that I hate those people. I believe that hating does not give enough value back. It is probably not worth it. Some people found my keyboard layout pretty cool while others thought that it was weird, but I see that as a good thing.

Advantages of being different

You are different and stand out

People might remember you because you are different. You might stand out a bit. Standing out might even give you more chances to get success. It takes courage to stand out so it might also make you a stronger person.

Would you rather hire someone with many cool skills or someone who is a part of the norm?

" If you ain’t some kind of crazy, you ain’t shit. Facts! "

– Tech N9ne (I Caught Crazy)

Fitting in takes effort

Most people their true selves do not even fit into the norm. It requires effort to try to fit in.

It might be easier to use that effort to stand out. Being different is not easy either, but it can make you more interesting.

Your views on some topics are different

It is not always bad to see things from a different angle. You might have more important questions and statements which you can use in a discussion.

What if?

You will never see what you could be if will always try to fit in with the norm. You be even more amazing. It is not always easy to find what you are good at, but there is probably something.