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Last modified: Wed, Feb 3, 2021

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Darkness is beautiful

Extremely horrible things happen in the world, but people try to cover it up. I like the dark side of life and often find it beautiful, mysterious and creative.

Dark things allow things to be beautiful and to change, but there is something which I want to share. These things might change how you think about the world.

I find it beautiful, because everyone has a different opinion about what evil is. Death is also an interesting topic. There something fascinating about dark things. It also draws our attention by nature.

Things which should be more known

The following things are hard to read, but they are important to talk about. People should know these things. These things are almost not believable, but they are or were real.

Warning: Reading the following things will probably ruin your day.

The murder of Junko Furuta

A Japanese girl was murdered very brutally and people just forgot it. She got tortured brutally daily for forty days. I will spare you the details. The Yakuza (Japanese mafia) was involved.

Many people knew about the torturing, but nobody reported it. The criminals didn’t spend a ton of time in jail and are free now.

It is sad to see that the murder didn’t bring any changes in the world, some other horrific murder cases did bring some changes. People should talk more about horrible stuff like this, so that it will not be forgotten.

Cinemas Underbelly did a review about the “Junko Furuta Exploitation Collection”. It includes some more details, but even more info can be found online.

Child trafficking is a multi-billion industry

Children are kidnapped and used every day.

The worst part is that big organizations like the CIA, FBI and big companies like Coca-Cola are a part of it. They don’t want you to know this.

By the way that is not the only horrible thing that those big organizations do, but that discussion is for another time.

The Madeleine McCann case

Take a look at the Madeleine McCann case. The child who went “missing” was captured by pedophiles.

You will find videos like the following video more easily than official videos. This shows us that people do no research after watching the news.

Edit: The video got taken down, along with many other videos… Anyway, here is a list of things I remember:

Page 129 of Kate McCann’s book

The mother of the girl wrote a book called Madeleine which contains the following horrible sentence.

Page 129 of Madeleine, with the sentence 'Haltingly, I told him about the awful pictures that scrolled through my head of her body, her perfect little genitals torn apart.' highlighted.

She also said that she wanted Madeleine to read it. Isn’t that an obvious clue that Madeleine isn’t just “missing”?

Past tense

They very often talk about Madeleine in past tense.

The parents claimed that she was missing, but their spokesman Clarence Mitchell once slipped over his words and said that Madeleine was death.

Oops, he probably wasn’t meant to say that. The sniffer dogs also alerted in the apartment and their car. What is the chance that a sniffer dog is incorrect?


There is a ton more about this case, but I think that those two things are enough proof to convince you that there was more going on.

The Finders

MisterMetokur did a long live stream about a group called “The Finders”. It contains some FBI documents.

The video starts at 04:18. The discussion about the topic starts at 06:12. Give it some time. It does not start immediately.

Disclaimer: I linked to that specific video. Watch other videos at your own risk.

An Open Secret

An Open Secret is a documentary film about child sexual abuse in the film industry in California.

It includes much stuff about Bryan Singer.

People who tried to expose it

People get murdered because they spread information about this.

Avicii (possibly)

The news and media say that he killed himself. This was likely not the case. The “For a Better Day" video is obviously about child trafficking.

His family claims that he didn’t do suicide. There were recent videos of him being happy. This suicide or murder has no proof though.

Tory Smith

People think that Tory Smith got killed because he made videos about information from the organizations and people behind child trafficking.

Why these things are important

It is important to know about these things. People can try to prevent things like the finders if enough people know about it.

I think that you currently just have to accept that it happens, but talk with people about it. Share this page privately with people.

Popular social media would ban this stuff or you for posting this. Educate people about this stuff, but stay careful