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Last modified: Sat, Aug 29, 2020

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I have no friends

I have no friends, well according to how I think about the word friend. People change constantly, and it is pretty much impossible to completely agree with every opinion from someone.

Explain yourself, please!

I think of people like connections. They have good and bad things about them.

Here is an extreme example, a murderer can have done good things. It isn’t a bad connection if you speak with that person about those good things. You can’t know everything about someone, and likely wouldn’t know of they are a murderer.

Trust is a weird thing, which can break quickly, but I try to not have any enemies. People usually have something good about them. I support ideas, not people.

In other words, I try to have no friends or enemies. This method of thinking has flaws. We are human, so have emotions. There wouldn’t be love without hate. There wouldn’t be good without evil.

To be clear

I can support someone somewhere, but I would look at it differently. I support that person for specific ideas in that case.

I don’t love or enjoy hate and evil. Hate and evil, can’t be gone. It makes us human. Different cultures have different thoughts, that makes some cultures evil in the eyes of some other cultures.

You can build trust with me. Trust is a human thing. Every person has flaws. I would open my door to what some would call enemies. People can change, but it is ok to be careful from time to time.

It is also good to look at how the people which you don’t like think. Look into the ideas of people, and you will be surprised.

Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading this.

You might understand me a bit more now. I know, I am someone which many would call weird.

At least I am honest, and being different makes you unique, so you stand out. Not everything weird is good though.

I am thinking of converting my articles to videos some day. People don’t like to read and I actually like to record stuff.