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Last modified: Sat, Jan 23, 2021

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Darkness is important

You often see only the good sides of life on social media. Nothing is perfect and the darkness can often make life beautiful.

The darkest times which I have had in my life, learned me much and allowed me to grow and change as a person. Try to see why you don’t like your life and try to change it.

You can make it through, even though, it might seem impossible. Survive. You are human.

I believe that those hard times have made me who I am. I am not mad at people who have hurt me. I am thankful for it.

Try things. Hurt yourself. Learn.

I don’t like how long I am doing in college. Most of it is because some bad things which happened outside of college.

I also realized that Informatica Technology is not as fun as it seems. I don’t want to do tasks for others my whole life. I want some freedom, which is why I want to learn design after I finished college.

I have to get through it, but it isn’t a fun journey. At least I learned that it is not what I want to do my whole life. It is a part of my life.

You can’t control life

People move in and out your life

People move in and out your life all the time. That brings expectations and memories. Don’t let life trick you. People often don’t care as much as you might think they do, and that’s fine.

The planet is fucked

There is overpopulation, but we keep making more children. This planet is already fucked up enough. People keep spreading lies about simple things like recycling.

People are breaking others off without any great reasons. Being kind to each other is too hard for many. War is a part of the world. It is a human thing which we can’t control.

It often makes me wonder, how human am I? I often allow others to take advantage of me. Don’t let people change you into someone who you don’t want to be.

The Facebook company

I don’t like how Facebook controls so much, but I can’t change that. It is often not easy for people who care about privacy. I don’t like Twitter either.

Facebook also owns WhatsApp. I just don’t want to support something which violates so many laws.

Look at the app stores. Keeping contact can be hard. I do however believe that the ones who care about you will try to reach you.

I do have a Twitter and use a phone now. Adapt. Overcome. Connections are so important, but so are ethics. Making choices is hard. You have to move with the time.

I don’t like the “Cloud”, but it will be a thing even if I don’t like it.

It’s alright

You don’t need much to be happy

You don’t need much to be happy. I strongly believe in minimalism. Live with less, be more happy.

It is nice if you can do what you like as job, but don’t worry. If you have some kind of degree or enough motivation you will be fine and you can survive.

You already made it in life. I know people can often be annoying, but try to be happy. You are able to do many things which others can’t.

Depression is a part of life

Depression is a part of life. Be yourself, let the haters hate. They also have less interesting parts in their life. Try to make the best of life.

Some quotes

" It’s Alright To Hate Your Fucking Life! "

– Mikal kHill (It’s Alright (To Hate Your Fucking Life))

^ I highly recommend his “Human Disaster” album if you want a suggestion.

" But if you handling the pain
Then you’ll be damn sure to make it through the rain. "

– Wrekonize (Through the Rain from Into the Further)

" Message to the mentally disturbed:
Don’t kill yourself or anyone else
Stay here with us
Your time to shine is coming
Trust "

– Tech N9ne (MTMD (Skit) from Special Effects)

Oh, hi

Oh, hi. Someone actually read this? Thanks. Stay strong and keep pushing forward. You can make it through, trust. Easier written than done.

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