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Last modified: Sat, Aug 29, 2020

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I am an Atheist just because I have never seen a God. I am not saying that something like it could not exist. The universe is big.

It is good to question some things. Many things which people find normal aren’t one of the better ways to do something. Look at keyboard layouts for example.

I do believe in karma, so I believe that doing good things will bring you good things and that doing bad things will bring you bad things. I also just don’t see the purpose of not trying to live your life righteous.


I believe that everyone supports someone’s ideas, not the person. It is hard to say that you really support someone completely. This is more philosophical as religious.

I try to have no enemies, but others might see me as a enemy. Supporting one idea usually means that you are against another idea.

Like Bryan Lunduke would say “Be excellent to each other”. It might be easier said as done.

You could try to view everyone as equal and treat them that way. The truth is, we all have different talents. We are not equal. I, however try to stay polite.

I like to think about psychological things. You can find some of those things in my articles, but it might not be obvious.