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Last modified: Sat, Apr 30, 2022

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Regular people probably don’t expect to land in prison. There are innocent people locked up in prison. Keep in mind that you can end up in prison. It might be a good idea to improve that system.

People in prison use resources like food. Food costs money and humans produce waste. This might sound a bit weird, but it helps you to understand my views.

Prison is not a solution

You can lock up people in a building, but this does not help most people. It can do the opposite. It is inhuman too. It is often not a healthy place although some prisons are much better than they were in the past.

The world isn’t fair

There are people who killed others which never had to be in prison. It still happens more often than you would think. This obviously isn’t the only unfair thing out there.

Death of Caylee Anthony

You might have heard about Casey Anthony. She likely killed her daughter. Casey only had to spend one year in jail and was not declared guilty. I think that she changed. She hasn’t committed any crimes since.


People should get help or maybe get killed. I am not against the death penalty in some cases. Putting someone in a cage often fixes nothing. Murderers are just sick people, which possibly can be cured. People should try to learn how criminals work. There are organizations which try to do that (Behavioral Science Unit).

Prisoners should get help to improve their mental health. Not all prison places are horrible, but the problem with that is that some poor people have it better in prison than outside of prison. That can convince people to commit crimes. So there should be a drawback like some extra fine to pay off after prison. That would likely also encourage them to commit crimes to gain money.

Death penalty

Is it a solution?

I don’t think that the death penalty is terrible. You shouldn’t just play with lives, but I rather would like an extreme murderer to die than to have them out there killing. Obviously, try to “cure” them first, but if they keep committing crimes, another solution is needed.

Some people in prison likely would prefer death if you see how some prisons work. Just locking people up is not a solution. The most difficult thing about the death penalty is that innocent people can die. That should be avoided, but the world isn’t fair, sadly. It seems like a better solution than just locking people up.

Fear is an extra bonus that the death penalty brings. People who kill others can still value their own life.

Not convinced?

Well, imagine the following, if you are not convinced.

Your daughter was tortured and raped for multiple days, and then murdered. The murderers are walking out freely after almost no jail time. You wouldn’t want that to happen, right? You could think that this can’t happen to you, but it can. I think that you would prefer those people to die in that case.

The murder of Junko Furuta is a case in which the above happened. There are more cases, which might make you think or care. The world isn’t such a happy place as you might think.

Junko Furuta

She was seventeen years old when she got kidnapped by some people. She got tortured and raped for forty-four days. They murdered her after forty-four days. The full story is much worse and has more details.

The murderers were protected because they were young. They could get a maximum sentence of twenty years. Most of them got less. Furuta’s mother reportedly had a mental breakdown, which required psychiatric treatment.

One of murderers served eight years and got arrested for assaulting someone, five years after release. His mother vandalised Furuta’s grave, claiming that Furuta ruined her son’s life. Another one of the released murderers attempted murder in 2018.


I hope that you understand my opinion about prison and the death penalty after reading this. Thanks for taking some time to read this! Have a good day or night, and good luck! You never know what will happen. I hope that my thoughts don’t make you depressed.

I know that my mindset isn’t always the most positive one, but I am happy that I have the chance to live. Not everyone gets that chance. Enjoy the small things and try to be happy.