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Last modified: Fri, Dec 18, 2020

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Sure, the world isn’t perfect

I have explained before that I think that it is fine to have bad days. See my it is alright to not always like life page.

That is just an extra reason to be thankful

Some people never had a chance in life. Be thankful that you have a chance.

I have to mention the horrific murder of Junko Furuta again. It isn’t that well-known, but it is important.

She never had a chance at life. She was 17 years old and got kidnapped by some people. She got tortured and raped for 40 days. They murdered her after 40 days. The full story is much worse and has more details.

It is depressive, but have respect for her. Don’t just waste your life, be thankful that you never had to go through that. Such stories remind us to be thankful for what we have.

Good and bad

We need to have bad things to know what good is. The definition of what good and bad is, is different for everyone.

Bad stuff has to exist to learn us what good is.

I think that it is good to know about things like the murder of Junko Furuta. I do listen to true crime podcasts and I watch many horror movies. The dark side of life is interesting and has a purpose.

Meaning of life

I agree that life does not have much meaning, Nihilism. You can influence people, but you likely won’t make history.

Some might say that the meaning of life is to be happy. I kinda have the need to try to be productive. It gives me a feeling of being useful, but really, you are likely not that useful.

Happiness is the important thing. Being creative and such makes me happy. I should do more creative things. Enjoy the simple things of life. You don’t need the best job, or a ton of money.

You can keep asking “how come”. People know nothing about anything, everyone is dumb. There is so much knowledge that you can pretty much say that no one really knows anything.


It is almost always good to give. If someone does not have enough money, maybe give them some. They might remember you.

Don’t post about it though. You don’t want to beg for likes, just be a “good” person. You don’t need much to be happy. Use the money to develop yourself instead of putting it into material “I want to have” things.