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Last modified: Sat, Jan 28, 2023

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Art is fun to create. Every piece of art is made with an intention. People make things with meaning even when they claim something has no meaning. That in itself has meaning. The art tends to stand above the artist. Art should be able to stand on its own in my opinion.

I like Edvard Munch. He truly expresses his feelings. Realism isn’t always the best form of art. I do like Caspar David Friedrich as well, currently “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” is my background on my computer.

AI art

To me the problem with AI is that it lacks the human element. It lacks the suffering to get to the end result. As a tool it is currently pretty powerful. It certainly can have its uses. Although personally I do not like the idea of it.

AI art is at a point that people can’t tell if it is done by a human or not. So it gives artists the ability to act like they made something. But I do not think it makes artists irrelevant. An artist has full control over the art. AI can never be as specific about certain details.

AI will always be weaker as humanity. Because humans can learn more in the long-term. AI as a tool needs input to be able to produce results. It can not stand on its own without humans.