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Last modified: Sat, Jan 28, 2023

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There are many kinds of books. Obviously it can be a way of escapism. I think it is best to seek out books which can offer you value. Reading books all day makes you less creative, since you might stop thinking for yourself.


I suggest to give philosophy a try. Most people do not engage into it for fun, but to explore themselves. To wander and explore your own values. Do not underestimate how interesting, and useful philosophy can be. It shows you which perspectives others have. It can learn you to spot bad reasoning.

I went from an audiobook from Plato straight to Nietzsche, which is quite a big step. It is doable if you use your time to get more information about other referred philosophers. Seek philosophers which have similar values as you, or the opposite of your values.

How to read philosophy books?

Nietzsche’s books aren’t easy, and often misunderstood. They are definitely worth your time. Many of his texts have totally changed my worldview. You could consider to listen to “The Nietzsche Podcast” instead to get to know some of his ideas.

It can be hard to read a philosophy book if you have never engaged with such a book. You have to read for an understanding. It is often good to search for some information about the philosopher before reading. Starting with the most popular work isn’t always a good idea. I follow the book order of Weltgeist’s video “Where to Start? ” for Nietzsche.