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Movies are an artform. They can be made for money or entertainment only, but that’s not why Ι watch movies, as you might know from my other content. This page contains the movies Ι like.

Art should be able to stand on its own in my opinion. The majority of pages under this are not complete reviews. Although I did write a review for a few of these movies. You can look them up. I do have a letterboxd if you want to see which other movies I have seen.

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I try to keep the amount of movies on this page limited. But there are a couple of shows I would regard as the best, and possibly life-changing. Oddly enough it is all anime. I am not the biggest fan of most anime.

Ergo Proxy anime series

Haibane Renmei anime series

Serial Experiments Lain anime series

Texhnolyze anime series

Sci-Fi series and movies

A Space Odyssey franchise

Arcane: League of Legends anime series

Ergo Proxy anime series

Ex Machina movie

Firefly series and Serenity movie

Metropolis (1927), silent movie

Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series

Serial Experiments Lain anime series

Short Circuit movies

Star Trek franchise

Texhnolyze anime series

The Matrix franchise

Comedy series and movies

Bottom series

Love Exposure (2008) movie

Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie

Robin Hood: Men in Tights movie

The Interview movie

The Simpsons Movie

Horror, thriller and true crime movies

A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise

Alien (1979) movie

Braindead movie

Gremlins movies

Hellraiser franchise

Ichi the Killer movie

Ju-On, The Grudge franchise

Little Shop of Horrors (1986) musical movie

May (2002) movie

Phantasm movies

Re-Animator movies

Society (1989) movie

The Collector (2009) movies

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise

The Thing (1982) movie

We Are What We Are (2013) movie

True crime series

Title Director
Mindhunter (Netflix series) Various

Extreme horror movies

These movies can have a great story. Most people probably want to avoid these. I enjoy some extreme horror movies, and can find value in them. These movies are not supposed to be fun. Some of these movies have a deep underlying message. Even though not everyone sees them.

A Serbian Film movie

Cannibal Holocaust movie

Guinea Pig franchise

Lunacy movie

Martyrs (2008) movie

Men Behind The Sun franchise

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom movie

The Eyes of My Mother movie

The Girl Next Door and An American Crime movies

Drama movies

Come and See movie

Dancer in the Dark movie

Happiness (1998) movie

Love Exposure (2008) movie

Oldboy (2003) movie

Requiem for a Dream movie

The Skin I Live In

Weird stuff, I guess? (series and movies)


Eraserhead movie

Twin Peaks series and movie

So bad its good movies

Bad Taste movie

Killer Klowns from Outer Space movie

Kung Fu Hustle movie

Rubber movie

The Disaster Artist movie

Other movies

A Beautiful Mind movie

Coraline animated movie

Pirates of the Caribbean movies

The Imitation Game movie

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep movie

WALL-E movie

Haven’t seen, but want to see

My letterboxd page has more reviews. Although many of my old opinions do not match my current views. Visit my letterboxd to see my watchlist. You can recommend movies to me by contacting me.

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