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Last modified: Mon, Aug 15, 2022

A Serbian Film movie

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A Serbian Film movie

Warning: this is not a fun film to watch.
This movie is brutal and contains some gore, but it has a purpose.

This movie tops many mainstream disturbing movie charts. It does not reach the top in some more underground, lesser known disturbing movie lists. The movie is an excellent thriller. It does its job really well.


Many people dislike this movie, so I personally also avoided this movie for a while.

Many people miss the point of this movie. There is so much symbolism in the movie and it is a fictional movie. Such things do happen in the world though.

It is a great movie with a bad reputation in my opinion.

Movie description

It is about a retired porn actor which needs money. Someone wants to hire him for a porn movie, but the movie contract does not say what the script is about.

I can’t say more, without spoiling too much. The story is brutal and the acting is pretty great.


It contains rape, pedophilic and necrophilic themes. The acts are shown, but just like Martyrs you don’t see everything of the act. It is disturbing though.

It contains much porn, the fragments aren’t too long, since the movie moves pretty fast. It can be awkward to watch it with family. I watched it alone. It is pretty easy to find and watch online.

Don’t watch it if you can’t handle that content.

The symbolism

The message

The director and writer of the movie wanted to make a statement about politics. He mentioned that many movies during that time were so politically correct, that it was absurd.

The characters in the movie represent the corruptness of the political system. The director of the movie mentioned that it is not just about Serbia. It is about the world in general.

It is not just disturbing to be disturbing. It has a serious message. You can interpret it in your own way too. A movie is a form of art after all.

It throws many questions at you like “What is art?”, “How unrealistic is porn?” (usually very unrealistic obviously) and more. It is an underrated movie in my opinion.

What does the sex in the movie represent?

The sex is obviously symbolism. I mean, just look at how brutal it is, even the “normal” sex. Sure, the porn industry is fucked up, but let’s take a closer look.

There was war in Serbia during the time that the creator of the movie lived there. There were concentration camps and slaughter in the streets.

I think that the following quotes contain enough information to understand the symbolism behind that. They made the film as a protest to show how bad life was for them. You can find much symbolism in the movie.

" We (Azra, her mother and sister) were running and there was a young pregnant woman. The soldier grabbed her and took a metal clothes hanger and he… he stuck it in her… and aborted the baby. "

– General Manager Azra

" They fuck you when you’re born, they fuck you when you live, they fuck you when you die. "

" It’s a picture of our society. "

– Actress Jelena Gavrilovic (played Marija in the film)

If you don’t get the message

The movie is still good if you don’t get the message. These events also happen in real life.

The events which happen in real life are also not mentioned enough in my opinion, so if you believe that it is based on real things, so be it.

I actually find it amazing that this movie dares to show such topics. Those things need to be more known.

Is this an evil or real movie?

No. The director is not crazy. This movie has a hero and a villain. The bad things aren’t seen as wonderful good things to do.

No children were ever in danger while filming this movie. The Serbian government investigated this film to confirm this.

Actors obviously saw the script before doing the roles and many of them like the movie or are proud of it.

I actually find it a great movie and agree with the message. The world is very fucked up. People just don’t often talk about it. It is a very underrated movie. People just don’t understand it.

The looks and audio

The film style is so great and fantastic. I really love this film style. I liked the music too, especially in the beginning. It has something.

They hold back on some shock graphics, but hinting and not showing often makes it darker. I like this. It hits hard, some parts of the story stick with you after watching it.

This movie sounds horrible

Yes, that is because it is. You won’t see every act that visually (honestly be happy), but the visuals are great and it contributes to the story.

Know what kind of movie you are getting into before watching it. It is not just horrible. It has a message too and is might be worth watching if you can handle this movie.

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