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Last modified: Mon, Aug 15, 2022

Arcane: League of Legends anime series

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Arcane: League of Legends, anime series


A good movie based on a game. I must be kidding right? Well, I am not. This is actually good. The animation and rather realistic fantasy setting are great. It is excellent for a movie based on a game. You don’t have to know anything about the game. It might even be better if you don’t know the game. It is not that “deep”, but it is worth a watch.

The pacing felt a bit fast. Building up strong relationships with characters isn’t as effective when it happens so fast. I wouldn’t say it is way too fast, and I did enjoy the fast pacing. The mood of characters can change quickly, because of the pacing problem. The details are impressive and multiple watches help, but you will understand the story on your first watch. It is easy to follow. Mouth movement sometimes looks unnatural, which is a common problem with 3D animation. It didn’t bother me much, because the art style makes it less bothering. Even the lightning is great.

I am not a fan of all the music, but it grew on me during a rewatch. Just not a fan of pop, but at least it aren’t the most annoying pop songs out there. The story is good, for a first season, and the episodes are fully packed with content. The animation is great, and the show is very rewatchable, since it has many details. The characters are well-developed.

It surely could be better, and tells a bit much in a short period of time. I would give it a ten out of ten, because of how good it is, but it feels like an eight or nine.

Characters (Some spoilers)


Powder is what Harley Quinn wishes to be. Harley Quinn is a cheap character, based on an easy character trait. A crazy character. Harely Quinn isn’t a realistic crazy character though. Powder is. I thought they would ruin that character. I am glad they didn’t as it is one of my favorite League characters. Powder is relatable and well-designed. She deserves more than being compared with a character like Harley Quinn.


This character isn’t even in League, but he might be my favorite character of the show. Silco is such a fantastic character, but many other characters are too.


I could go on, but I will just say. Watch the show. Most characters are great, but those previous two are my favorite. Viktor is done so well too.