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Guinea Pig franchise

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Guinea Pig franchise

Warning: Most of these movies are brutal. They are infamous for the “realistic” torture scenes. The stories of these movies usually aren’t that strong or deep.

Most of the movies aren’t as bad as the people make them sound. The franchise has some surprises. Some movies strangely take a more comedic turn. One movie had a much better story than I expected from a film of this franchise.

More specific

The better movies

The Mermaid in a Manhole movie was great and felt meaningful. I really liked it. The He Never Dies movie was kinda funny. Both of those are worth watching in my opinion.

If you watch for the gore, start with Devil’s Experiment. It isn’t as graphical as the other two movies that I will mention, but the camera colors and such, are cool. The practical effects aren’t bad either. I think that it is worth watching.

If you watch for the gore

Bloodshock and Sacrifice are pretty damn graphical when it comes to gore in my opinion. The effects in the other movies aren’t bad, but they are doable to sit through.

Bloodshock starts fast and has enough story to keep you interested. Sacrifice needs some time to start, but it contains much gore. Don’t expect that Sacrifice is a great movie though. I dislike it, and can’t find much value in it.

The other movies

The other movies weren’t that great in my opinion. I would personally suggest to skip them.

The Android of Notre Dame movie might be ok for one watch.

The Devil Woman Doctor movie might be alright, if you like skits. I didn’t like most of the skits though.

Japanese Guinea Pig movies

Devil’s Experiment (1985)

Story: A group kidnaps and tortures a woman.

I have respect for this movie. The practical effects are indeed very realistic. You still see that it isn’t real though, so it is not as bad as all the talk about it. I do find some sound effects in the movie a bit bad and the actress doesn’t screams that much which seems weird. The effects are so good though, and it is shot well. I like the color scheme.

Bloodshock from the American Guinea Pig movies is more graphical though, if you really are here for the gore. That was a pretty difficult watch. This one has gore too, but bloodshock was worse in my opinion.

Would recommend mostly for the special effects. There isn’t really a story here.

Flower of Flesh and Blood (1985)

Story: A man kidnaps and torture a woman.

This one felt like a rip-off of the first movie. Some people like this one more than the first movie, but this one was just kinda boring to me. It felt like the same thing. It tried to add some comedy, but that comedy didn’t do it for me and I like the realism in the first movie.

Would not recommend because it is basically a lot like the first movie, but the first movie was shot better in my opinion.

He Never Dies (1986)

Story: A man wants to die and finds out that he does not feel pain.

He Never Dies tries to be a more comedic movie. It worked for me. I thought that it was fun. Although it is not a very good movie on its own. It is a fun addition. A break from the heavy focus on gore to the franchise. This did have any gore though. It just wasn’t the only thing the movie focused on.

Would recommend. This movie seems good for one watch.

Mermaid in a Manhole (1988)

Story: A painter finds a wounded mermaid or is the mermaid just symbolism?

This movie is not comedic, but the story is surprisingly great. I really, really loved this one. It is the only one with a more deep story in my opinion. It is not superdeep, but you might be able to find some value in this.

Would highly recommend.

Android of Notre Dame (1988)

Story: A scientist tries to find a cure for his sister’s illness.

This movie had a pretty good story and concept. I think that it is not a bad movie on its own. It was pretty enjoyable, but it is also pretty boring?

Would not recommend. Although it might be good to give it one watch.

Devil Woman Doctor (1990)

Story: A devil doctor does her job. She “treats” her patients.

Devil Woman Doctor contains many skits, and is a comedy.

There was only one segment which I liked somewhat. The part in which people try to compete with each other to proof that they have the worst problem. The part before that with the tattoo wasn’t bad either, but I didn’t like this movie.

Would not recommend.

American Guinea Pig movies

American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore

I skipped through this one and figured that it was just another clone of the first Japanese Guinea Pig story. I don’t have to see that. Especially since the effects weren’t as good as those in first movie in my opinion. The colors in the first movie stand out to me.

Many people seem to love this one, but I didn’t like the pacing and the story. I just skipped through it. I didn’t like it at all. I took a break from watching this franchise after this. There likely is something here for some people. Just not for me.

Would not recommend.

American Guinea Pig 2 Bloodshock

This one is different. It has a creepy soundtrack and was almost completely shot in black in white. I think that it added to the realism. It is the most shocking movie from the franchise for me. It does not give you much breathing space. It has good pacing and a weird story which is interesting enough to get you through the movie.

It isn’t ultra-realistic like all other movies of the franchise. The actors don’t scream enough and don’t pass out when some specific torture happens. The actors did a good job though. The effects itself are shocking. The ending is intense, but kinda weird. Be prepared. I did like the movie for what it is, but I didn’t love it. It is well-made, but does not have enough story for me.

Would only recommend if you are really into gore.

American Guinea Pig 3 The Song of Solomon

Well, uhm. I watched a tiny bit of this movie and got very bored.

It is a rip-off of the exorcist. Honestly, I have never been a huge fan of the exorcist. The exorcist is a good movie with a great soundtrack, but it was not for me. I didn’t even finish this movie, too boring.

Would not recommend.

American Guinea Pig 4 Sacrifice

Very slow boring start. I waited until the story started before I would decide to turn it off.

The voice acting is pretty bad. The start of the movie is really slow. The gore effects are good though. The soundtrack wasn’t too bad either. The gore effects are a bit like the ones in bloodshock, only in color. They are hard to focus on, and I did not completely focus on the movie.

Would only recommend if you are really into gore.

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