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Martyrs (2008) movie

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Martyrs (2008) movie

Warning: this is not a fun film to watch.
This movie is brutal and contains some gore, but it has a purpose.

It is about two girls, one of them was tortured when she was a kid and she left a girl behind when she escaped. So they decide to go to the family behind this.

I can’t say more, and have a feeling that I have already spoiled much. The movie starts big and ends big. It already shows that it is a horrible film in the first shot.

This movie sounds horrible

Yes, that is because it is. You won’t see every act visually (honestly be happy), but the visuals are great and it contributes to the story.

Know what kind of movie you are getting into before watching it. It is not just horrible. It has a great story too and is probably worth watching if you can handle this movie.

Don’t watch the remake. The remake is much softer. Just watch the original it is much better according to many. I haven’t seen the remake, but I have seen enough review videos about it online.

The story

The story is a bit complex and the story is amazing. Call me sick, but I would watch it again for the story. Consider watching some reviews on YouTube after the movie if you didn’t manage to understand the movie.

It is a fantastic movie when it comes to storytelling. It is really a masterpiece. I highly recommend it.

Did this movie happen in real life?

Just like A Serbian Film. No it is a fictional movie, but there was a time in which things like this happened, obviously not at the same level as in the movie.

Small rant for the “A Serbian Film” haters

Yes, I just compared it with A Serbian Film. Stop the hating on A Serbian Film and look into its symbolism. It is a misunderstood piece of art. Sure, it is a bit much for some, but Martyrs is too. Both movies have a message.

So did it happen?

Most religions do believe that there are ways to achieve transcendence, some less gruesome than others. Something alike could have happened.

There are legends about stories like the story in Martyrs. Some stories claim that something like it has happened.

Besides that

The symbol of the Catholic Church still features a man (Jesus) who is believed to have seen God in the last moments of his life as he was being tortured to death on a cross.

Other stuff

This movie is part of the New French Extremity genre. This means that it is very violent, but it has a soul underneath. It is a genre which most people might want to avoid.

It is not for everyone. Avoid this genre if you can’t handle it.

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