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Last modified: Mon, Aug 15, 2022

May (2002) movie

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May (2002) movie


May is a socially awkward veterinary assistant. The story follows May, and shows how life can be when you are socially awkward. It isn’t your typical horror movie.



I loved this movie. May is just relatable in my opinion. I am an introverted person, who is often labeled as a weird person. It’s fine. I don’t want to fit in. It makes me more unique. It is probably not a movie for everyone. I suggest giving it a watch if it sounds interesting.


Some people say that this movie is disturbing, but it is pretty average in my opinion. It isn’t too graphical, just graphical enough to tell the story.

Pacing and music

The pacing was pretty good. I didn’t feel bored during the movie. The movie moved fast enough. I did like the music as well.

Fun extras

The mentioned movie “Trauma” is also on EffedUpMovies. It isn’t the worst movie ever. Trauma has some great effects. It wasn’t good enough to end up on my list, but it is worth a watch.

Extra (contains spoiler)

If it wasn’t obvious, the end probably suggests that May is a necromaniac. They likely just wanted to show it more graphically. It is pretty clever.

May kinda shows that there is a difference between being interested in disturbing stuff, and doing disturbing things. Movies don’t create killers. In fact, I would claim that banning movies does more harm than good, search “the Streisand effect”.

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