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Last modified: Mon, Aug 15, 2022

Men Behind The Sun franchise

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Men Behind The Sun franchise

BIG warning: these movies are very graphic movies. These movies are very brutal and talk about history.

So you have decided to read this

Well…, I recommend this movie.

It wakes people up which say that they want to see the world burn, because they likely actually don’t want to see that. War is not fun.

The horrible events were even worse than the movies. This is one of the few movies that stayed in mind so hard after seeing it and I think that some scenes were made for that reason.

The movies make use of real dead bodies and that is not the worst stuff in it. I won’t spoil anything though.

We shouldn’t forget these events.

Movie franchise description

The first and second movie is about the experiments in Unit 731 during the war. The third movie is about how they tried to destroy the evidence.

The fourth movie is about the Nanking Massacre, which is another event. The Japanese troops mass murdered and raped people in China.

Men Behind The Sun

The first and fourth movie are the most horrible ones which will likely burn this movie in your mind. Those movies are from the same director. The second and fourth movie are from a different director.

The first movie has story, but I would say that you could skip that one if you don’t want to see too extreme stuff. The second one actually contains a love story.

I recommend this

I would recommend all these movies. They are all excellent in my opinion. Sure, I don’t like much stuff in the movies, but I think that everything in it has purpose. The first one goes pretty far.

Some would only recommend the first one, but I would actually say that you could skip that one. Even though it is a great movie.

The first and fourth movie try to be educational and historically accurate. The other two movies might try this as well.

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