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Last modified: Sun, Oct 23, 2022

Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series

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Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series

This series is about people who get into robots to defend the city from Angels.

It is well-known for its psychological, Bible and philosophy references. At the start it doesn’t seem like a deep series. Yet there is something in this. I do like this series, but there is much filler. Some episodes have a very similar setup, but it gets better near the end. The last part of the series is the best part in my opinion. The visuals are music are great.

The filler is why Ι don’t consider it a must-see, but the series is very much worth seeing. I love the “Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion” movie as well. Personally, Ι wouldn’t recommend the rebuild movies. I didn’t like those, but perhaps you do.