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Last modified: Mon, Aug 15, 2022

Requiem for a Dream movie

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Requiem for a Dream movie

Movie about drug addiction. Is known for being pretty intense.


I agree that it is intense, but it was not one which really a movie which made the intense thing stick to my mind during the days after that.

Men Behind The Sun is likely the movie which stayed in my mind the longest. It hits you, but it is extreme horror, so you might want to avoid it.

Great movie

The music in this movie helps to make it intense, but it is also shot really well and the acting is incredible. It is a great movie. Some visuals are straight up stolen from “Perfect Blue” though.


The story is also very realistic and makes a ton of sense. It has an important well-known message. Don’t do drugs, especially when you have no close connections with people.

Give it a watch if you think about doing anything addicting.

You likely already do alcohol. Alcohol isn’t the focus in this movie, but alcohol also can go wrong. Make sure that you have some close connections.