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Last modified: Mon, Aug 29, 2022

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom movie

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Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom movie

Warning: this is not a fun film to watch.
This movie is brutal and contains some gore, but it has a purpose.

This disturbing movie is seen as art by many people. Some people claim that you have to see this movie.


Many people dislike this movie, so I personally also avoided this movie for a while.

I see why this movie is important and had to be made. Although I like other disturbing movies more. The story is disturbing, but you have to remember the history of it.

I personally don’t agree with people who say that everyone should see it. I think that many people won’t understand it. Yes, it has some kind of message.

It was very important for the history of film in my opinion. It does not inspire you, and feels hopeless, but that is kinda the point.


The political parties, left and right at the time were against homosexuals. Pasolini (the director) was a homosexual. Fascism was on the rise.

Salò tries to push Pasolini’s opinion about those politics. It tries to say that power corrupts, and it does that well in my opinion. Many people miss the point of this movie. It is a fictional movie. Such things do happen in the world though.

Pasolini was murdered before movie released. Many people think that it happened because of the movie. I heard that it is not Pasolini’s bests work, and he does not want to be remembered by it.

Why it is important

It was a movie which influenced censorship and the movie influenced many other movies. It was ahead of its time.

It pushed the boundary of film.

The story

The story is incredibly disturbing, and it still holds up today.

Pasolini luckily didn’t use everything of the source material. The book which it is loosely based on is much worse.

The book has so many acts, in a list form that it is boring to read. The book is also disturbing, but the bad guys aren’t fascists in the book.

It was written, but never finished by Marquis de Sade, while he was in prison. The words “Sadism” and “Sadist” are based on his name. It shows the darkest side of humans.

The looks and audio

The pacing was great. I believe that it had to have this length, so that it stays in the minds of the people.

It feels so real, because of its film style and music. It almost makes you a victim in some way. Many parts of the movie don’t have any music.

The music is good, but there isn’t much music in it, which adds to the realism.

It was pretty watchable. It was very disturbing for its time, and it is still relevant. Similar things still happen. Keep in mind that this movie isn’t modern. The effects could be worse, but they still hold up.

Should you see it?

I think that people who are interested in film should see it. Regular people should see it if they know a bit about its history.

You might want to check out Lunacy, since it contains Marquis as character. I highly recommend that movie, if you are interested in things like this.

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