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Last modified: Mon, Aug 29, 2022

Serial Experiments Lain anime series

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Serial Experiments Lain anime series

This series follows a middle school girl and her introduction to the wired, something similar to the Internet.

It is a wonderful, cyberpunk, psychological anime. I love it. The music is great too. I can’t recommend this enough. This series gives me different thoughts every time Ι watch it. Often Ι find another meaning in it.

You don’t seem to understand?

Do you even have to? Assign your own values! The meaning I see changes every time. There is likely a correct interpretation, if you look into the symbolism. It is not a meaning I like, if I understand it correctly. Any meaning you give it is fine. It might not be the intended meaning, but it is correct to you.

Thoughts (spoilers)

This time it was a scary experience to me. Yet a great one. Surprisingly, I didn’t see Lain as a good character. The body is meaningful. Not a program without feelings, which might emulate feelings. Only this world is real. The ending is the best possible outcome. The belief in any God is a escape from reality. A mask to hide it. An imagination. This interpretation is dark, but likely one of the most positive ones. It is likely an incorrect meaning, since the symbolism doesn’t match. Yet this interpretation works.