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Last modified: Mon, Aug 29, 2022

Star Trek franchise

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Star Trek franchise

I never liked Star Wars a lot. It was too much action for me. Sure it is well-made, but I didn’t enjoy it. Star Trek focuses more on the characters in a spaceship, less on action and fighting. There is fighting in Star Trek, but it isn’t about fighting. It is about maintaining the peace. I like it.

The Original Series

I loved the original series. It was funny and interesting. My favorite captain, so far is the original one, captain Kirk. The characters which don’t get that much screen time like Sulu are fun too. I really liked his acting.

The first episode was also so great. I didn’t expect to like Star Trek, but I was enjoying it. It was a pretty clever episode, or at least more clever than I expected.

The Next Generation

I liked the original series more, but this was entertaining too. It is cool that it managed to be alright. People usually don’t like change, so “The Next Generation” did a pretty great job.

The new Characters and parts of the ship are pretty cool. I do like the characters of the original Star Trek more though. They are just a bit more funny, less serious.

Deep Space Nine

I haven’t seen this yet.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

The only movie from Star Trek which I really liked. Don’t get me wrong though. Some other movies were alright too.

The first one was not that enjoyable to me and anything after Star Trek: Nemesis didn’t do it for me, but I watched it completely.

I didn’t like Nemesis. Too much shooting, it feels more like how I remember Star Wars (much action).

I didn’t watch the movies after 2009. Star Trek 2009 really didn’t do it for me. I even turned it off and didn’t watch it completely.