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Last modified: Mon, Aug 29, 2022

The Collector (2009) movies

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The Collector (2009) movies

These movies contained gore and torture, but the way that it did was pretty well done. This is not for everyone and is pretty gore. It shows acts graphically. These are very graphical movies, but that is kinda why you would watch this.

It is about some man which likes to collects people as a hobby. It is just something which some people like to do apparently. Not everyone has the same hobbies. Life would be boring otherwise.

Comparison with Saw

I like these movies a ton more than the most Saw movies. It is a bit like Saw, but they haven’t milked everything out of this franchise yet. The story stays interesting compared to saw.

The first Saw was good, but most of the other movies just lack story in my opinion. I haven’t watched them all for that reason. You can see the inspiration from Saw though. It is from the writers of Saw IV.

The second movie is another gorefest, but it has some interesting things. It is even less realistic than the previous movie, but the gorefest has some cool moments. I like the concept of this movie more than the concept of Saw. It felt a bit more original, but the story isn’t incredible.

What about the original?

This is the original. It has concepts which very much are like the other movies with the same title, but it is another script.

You are thinking about The Collector from 1965. It has the same concept, so yes the idea is not that original. I don’t think that the movie from 1965 is bad, but I haven’t seen it. I should see it someday though.

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Martyrs is brutal, but not as visual compared to "The Collector". The Collector is interesting, but it is still a lot like Saw in some ways. Martyrs has a great story underneath, but it is dark. The Collector is a cool character. Martyrs is different. It is known to be extreme, and it has deeper themes.

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