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Last modified: Sat, Jan 28, 2023

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Music is an artform. It is often underappreciated as people tend to listen to the radio instead of seeking out the music which they actually like. Most artists steal from others. Although it might not seem like that. I would recommend listening to “Your Favorite Band Sucks” to get a more realistic perspective about popular bands.

I do not agree with everything they say. Not all of their arguments are valid, but some are. Idolizing musicians is odd. They are humans, which you often know barely anything about. Separate the art from the artist. The world of music is similar to the world of art. It is widely influenced by money. Luckily, there are people who don’t do it purely for the money.

Music can say something about someone. The speed, tone and genre of music can say something about someone. Especially the lyrics and the tone.

Music Ι enjoy

Movie music

Music used in movies is sometimes incredibly great.


Music and art isn’t all about technique. You can like whatever composer you like. Some dislike Debussy because he isn’t as technical as Liszt or Bach. It is a rather weak argument. They just don’t like his music. There is no one correct way, especially in creativity.

I do have a YouTube Playlist with a few classical tracks.

Progressive rock

Hip hop

I do like hip hop, but Ι do not tend to actively listen to it anymore. It isn’t as enjoyable to me as the music listed above.

Some artists of strange music:

Nerdcore hip hop

Nerdcore is music made by people who call themselves “nerds”. It is often hip hop, but not always. To me Nerdcore is not a genre, but a culture. Nerds have been in hip hop before the term “Nerdcore” was used. Some artists claim that the term was created because the hip hop culture wasn’t welcoming towards nerds.

Great nerds like “Xah Lee” don’t base their entire identity around being a nerd. Their interests are broad enough to not have to label themselves as “nerd”. In fact they often dislike a big part of nerd culture. Some artists in Nerdcore could persist without that label.