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Last modified: Mon, Aug 29, 2022

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Podcasts and shows

Certained podcasts and shows are purely forgetable and made for entertainment only. That is not what Ι seek for as you might know from my other content. This page contains the shows & podcasts I like.


Different cultures are interesting. It is good to figure out how they actually live. Cultures have different morals and ideas. Some ideas might seem odd to you at first, but they can broaden your worldview.

Abroad in Japan

I have read that many Japanese people aren’t as happy as they seem. It is polite to smile. Japan seems fun, but it has a bad sides too. Abroad in Japan is an entertaining channel. The videos are really enjoyable in my opinion.

Story of Xinjiang by Guli 古丽讲新疆

Japan and China are very different. I don’t think that most people in the West are aware of that. I am not aware of anything like “Abroad in Japan” for China, but the “Story of Xinjiang by Guli 古丽讲新疆” channel is interesting. Yet it does not meet my expectations.

Educational content

This content contains a bit about everything, but it is educational, so it fits here.


Videos about random educational stuff. Some interesting videos are:

Georg Rockall-Schmidt

Georg makes some educational content about a bit of everything, including movies.


This is someone who talks about her thoughts.

What I’ve Learned

This channel creates educational content, and usually mentions the sources which the information comes from. Fascinating channel.

Carefree Wandering

This channel discusses philosophy topics. It is managed by Hans-George Moeller, a philosophy professor.

The Nietzsche Podcast

This podcast is about Nietzsche, and those he influenced.


This channel is about someone who tries to learn a lot of things about the world. Not every video might be interesting to you, but some videos might be.


Well, I probably do not have to explain this one. His MindField series is fun to watch. In general his content is pretty interesting. Veritasium is another channel like it, but it is more serious. Veritasium is probably the better channel.


Your Favorite Band Sucks

Most artists steal from others. Although it might not seem like that. I would recommend listening to “Your Favorite Band Sucks” to get a more realistic perspective about popular bands.

I do not agree with everything they say. Many of their arguments aren’t valid to me, but some are. I like separating the art from the artist. Musicians aren’t heroes. Don’t idolize them. Small musicians need all the support they can get though. The world of music is like the world of art. It is all about investors and money.


Xah Lee Talkshow

Xah Lee is a GNU Emacs user who talks about a lot of things. From keyboard design to art and math. He has a lot of content on his website.

I don’t follow everything which he puts out, but I do follow him. He is honest and says his opinions even when many people won’t like his opinion. I find him a pretty interesting person, but I don’t agree with everything that he says.


I find practical effects and other artsy things interesting. The behind the scenes stuff of some movies is incredible.

Film Riot

Videos about how to do filmmaking stuff. Most of the effects which are used are affordable and everything has pretty great explanations.

Corridor Crew

Videos about movies, effects acting and other things. This channel usually isn’t super educational, but it is interesting.


There is something about horror which I absolutely love which other genres just don’t provide. It is not afraid to cover some important topics which other genres would not.

Cinemas Underbelly

Cinemas Underbelly is makes videos about to the world of underground cinema. Offering analysis and review of some of the most obscure, controversial, and hard to find films that cinema has to offer.


The Jimmy Dore Show

Jimmy Dore is honest about his politics, which is worth a lot. I do not always agree with him, and do not like many of his clickbaity thumbnails. His content does not always provide much interesting information, but he is also a comedian, so I guess it is a part of his job.



Coinsider does not rely on analyzing graphs, but rather on the fundamentals of a project. This is way more important to me. Most popular cryptocurrency YouTubers just spread useless non-sense.