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Last modified: Sat, Jan 28, 2023

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Podcasts and shows

Certained podcasts and shows are purely forgettable and made for entertainment only. That is not what Ι seek for as you might know from my other content. This page contains the shows & podcasts I like.

Thoughts & philosophy

This contains a bit about everything. Not all of the people in this list would call themselves philosophers, but they do share their thoughts.

Carefree Wandering

Georg Rockall-Schmidt


The Nietzsche Podcast


Xah Lee Talkshow

Filmmaking and movies

Practical effects and other filmmaking techniques are interesting. A lot of effort goes into movies. It can be an incredible form of art.

Cinemas Underbelly

Corridor Crew

Film Riot


Different cultures are interesting. It is good to figure out how they actually live. Cultures have different morals and ideas. It can broaden your worldview, and show you that morals are subjective.

Abroad in Japan


I do not value truth as much as some others. But it can be good to stay somewhat up to date. What is important about such information is what it drives people towards.



What I've Learned


Music can give a totally different feeling to a scene. It is powerful, but it is easy to get an unrealistic view on music. Music is pushed through the radio. It is like they want to subscribe you to certain ideas.

Inside the Score

Your Favorite Band Sucks


I try to stay somewhat up to date. Not by using the news, as all news is turned to one side or the other. Democracy is a way to make people think that they have an impact. I do not believe that Ι have much impact on politics. Thus, I do not care that much about it.

The Jimmy Dore Show


Most cryptocurrency investors focus on charts, but those techniques are often not trustworthy.