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Creative things interest me. During highschool it was hard to decide between IT and multimedia, but I pursued IT.

While I have some basic knowledge of Blender, which I acquired through an after-work course, my understanding is limited to the fundamentals. I've also played a bit with Blender's 2D grease pencil functionality.

In Krita, I've experimented with 2D animation, but I lack a strong foundation in the fundamentals.


I have an animation project in mind that I would like to create. I've outlined some initial story plans, although it may be too ambitious for one person to tackle alone.

For this project, I have a unique animation style in mind, which differs from conventional approaches. However, the project is open to flexibility. I will invest a ton of time in it if I find the right people.

I am open to collaboration and would love to learn from someone with experience in this field. Once I complete a website project for a client, I plan to dedicate my focus to this animation project.

Assistance with the storytelling aspect of the project would also be appreciated. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in collaborating or have any suggestions.

First steps

Beginning with shorts is probably the most effective approach. Creating snippets of the story provides a more manageable starting point.

Here is the initial snippet I began with. I'm not entirely pleased with it. But it is a starting point. While much detail may not be needed for the style I desire, adding more details could help.

Animation experimentation

This is not a complete short. It was created as an exercise to explore what I could accomplish in a limited amount of time without much training.


I am currently enrolled in a drawing course. Creating a short is a difficult goal, but not impossible. I will start by performing exercises and experiments from "The Animator's Survival Kit" book. I have the required initial ideas, and I do not want to keep procastinating. Nevertheless, I must take my time, both for the purpose of learning, and due to the task's difficulty.