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Last modified: Sun, Nov 13, 2022

Friendly Premonition

The title of the Friendly Premonition project.

Friendly Premonition, a fan project about Deadly Premonition.


I left the Friendly Premonition project

1 January 2021

I left the project, because of the bad experience I have had with the project team.


25 December 2020

The game released, on Christmas! Go ahead and download it from the page. announcement

10 December 2020

The page is ready, so that people can follow it. It is almost ready for release.

A Screenshot Of The Itch.Io Page Of Friendly Premonition.

Testing phase

7 December 2020

Friendly Premonition has been given to some early testers, so that we can fix some bugs if the testers notice something weird.

Item screen of friendly premonition. Black coffee is selected. Black as midnight on a moonless night.

Public announcement

23 February 2020

Friendly Premonition was announced on Deadly Premonition’s 10th anniversary. Go to the original posts to see the images in a higher resolution.

York standing in the sheriffs department. A & G diner. Map of Greenvale. Polly standing in the Great Dear Yard Hotel.