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My wife and I decided on dinner after the pool. The holiday's been a great escape from work. The dining room was perfect, except for a dark figure by the window.

The figure gave me chills, filling me with stress and disgust. Like he needed help. He asked to join us. Up close, his wild hair resembled Einstein's, grey with Schopenhauer-esque sideburns. His facial features seemed oddly artificial.

I preferred a private meal with my wife, but he insisted and joined us. We respected his wish. Overnight, everything seemed fine. Walking to the pool the next day, he appeared in a T-shaped hallway, following us.

When my wife went to the nearby bathroom, I tried calling home. He tried taking my phone but it was easy to get it back. At that point I had enough of this stalker and called the police. The man had an odd smile. The police mentioned that they were close by and would be here within fifteen minutes.

The police took too long, so we frustratedly decided to move on. But the strange man lingered, repeating, "This won't work". Despite feeling odd, we went to the pool and lost him there.

At the food stand, others seemed unaware of me. I must be going insane. No one notices that I and my wife are here. Suddenly, I saw the strange man at the pool, triggering stress and pity. I need to affirm weakness. I need to fulfill what the strange man wants. He is weaker, and deserves all that I have. There is no reason for me to be here. I need to give him my life.

I had those thoughts every time he was close by. The loneliness may drive me insane. But the appearance of the man delivers me stress. This stress makes me do odd things. I try to avoid him, but may end up killing myself due to the immense amount of stress I get when he is nearby. Weakness is corrupting me.


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