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Last modified: Sat, Jan 28, 2023

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The benefits and drawbacks

Doing piracy tends to be seen as good by pirates as it profits the pirates. That alone does not mean that it has a good impact on the future. It is worth to give it a deeper thought. It is not as simple.

Piracy does hurt sales. Millions of money is lost because of piracy. It gives developers and musicians less money for their next product. It does have the risk of coming with malware. This is a big risk if you do not know what you are doing. Someone could steal your passwords. Certain countries do punish the downloaders too, but others only punish the hosters of the content.

Piracy can help with learning yourself skills by using products which you otherwise couldn’t. I see it as ok for education use as most of these companies have enough money. Game-developers on the other hand do not always have much money. It is not an easy industry. Neither is the music- and film-industry.

You can buy shirts or something to compensate. But what you alone do is neglectable. Thus, it is likely not bad to pirate, as the impact is neglectable. It can make your skills grow. If more applications take a more store-like approach then it might be harder to make them illegally available. But hackers usually find a way.


I see piracy as something to accept. It can’t be stopped, and the impact of you pirating is neglectable on the big scale. It can be used to increase your skills. Although you should support content you like if it needs the support. You should work to earn the rewards. Most people likely shouldn’t pirate. As a Nietzschean - I think piracy can be fine if used when needed as it can increase your power/skills.


If you do want to do piracy you can make an effort to seek for these tools yourself.

Torrentz2 is an excellent torrent search engine. As a torrenting client qBittorrent is fine on windows. Deluge is fine on Linux. It is best to use a VPN if you are in a country which makes piracy difficult. It is your own risk and I am not responsible.

For movies & series stremio can be used. It is an excellent application. By default it is not illegal until you enable certain addons.

Often I like to have my YouTube playlists offline. I do use a YouTube downloader called “yt-dlp”. You can find how to use it in powershell in my notes.