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Last modified: Mon, Aug 15, 2022

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Everyone dies, unless…


Cryonics is freezing a human corpse or head in the hope that future technology can revive those people. Sure, technology becomes better and better. I believe that it would be possible in the future, but not in the near future. That does not make it ethical though.

Why not Cryonics?

So you put garbage on the Earth while you were alive and you want to even put more waste on the Earth while you are death? Cryonics is a good solution for that. It uses much energy and the chance that people will revive you soon is pretty slim.

It is a gamble. Wait until science gets closer. No human has ever been revived. Do you think that you are you so special that you deserve more lifetime than other people?

Aren’t other options also bad for the Earth?

Yes, most options aren’t perfect.

Cremation is better than coffins and costs less resources, but the machine consumes much energy. It also releases toxic gasses that can cause cancer.

There are options which are available in some places which are eco-friendly. It is often called water cremation and conservation burial. Conservation burial is just nature. Water cremation makes the process go faster, but it is still much better than the usual process (cremation and burials).

Eco-death - Ask A Mortician

Religious people are against the eco-methods

Some religious people are against the eco-methods. Believe what you want though. I try to respect everyone. I personally don’t find God a logical thing, but it could be thing, I guess.

How I want people to act when I die

I would like to have a conservation burial if possible. I don’t want to put more waste on the Earth while I am death. Just move on. Don’t organize some rethinking sad moment. A funeral does not have to be sad. It doesn’t help anyone to have a sad moment.

I wouldn’t mind if people organize a party for my death. Think about the good moments you had with me and move on. Don’t just stand there and waste your time. Create new fun moments, maybe make some new connections during. Talk.