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Last modified: Sun, Jan 15, 2023

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Cryonics is freezing a human corpse or head in the hope that future technology can revive those people. It might become possible in the future, but not in the near future. That does not make it flawless though.

Why not Cryonics?

The chance that you get revived is pretty slim. It is a gamble. Maintaining your corpse wastes many resources. No human has ever been revived. Do you think that you are you so special that you deserve more lifetime than other people? Humanity will produce new fantastic people. It can be ok to accept that your time is up.

What’s more powerful as staring death right in the eyes, and smiling to what caused it? Be thankful for your time here.


Some religious people are against the eco-methods. Believe what you want. I would prefer this to be done with my body, or give it to science.

Eco-death - Ask A Mortician

How I want people to act when I die

I would like to have a conservation burial if possible, but Ι couldn’t care less about what happens with my body. Just move on. Regret is useless. Use your emotions to produce something valuable for others.

I wouldn’t mind if people would do something to celebrate my death. Perhaps, thank me for the good moments you had with me and move on. Don’t just waste your time. Create new fun moments, maybe make some new connections during. Talk.

What I do not want is anything Church or Chirstian related. Learn to forget. I do not appreciate idealistic ideas like heaven. Of course, you are still free to do this, but I would have found it disrespectful. A ceremony can be held, but make it more positive themed. More like it was great that we had a certain moment. Perhaps carry some of my habits further.