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Last modified: Mon, Aug 15, 2022

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Mindlessly donating

Mindlessly donating to organisations can do damage to things instead of helping anything at all. Follow the path of the money. Many scams around donating exist. Even charities can be scams. Many organisations just want your money to make rich people richer.


An example is Wikipedia. They don’t need extra money. Most of the money goes to rich people which just become richer.

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Donation tools

Donation tools can take a huge percentage of the money. I am not a fan of Spotify for example. Bandcamp on the other side seems like an amazing platform to support artists. I do buy music which I enjoy there, instead of using other platforms. I have talked with some artists about what they prefer.

Social media

It is rather disrespectful to share it on social media. It makes it seems like you just do it for fame and not because you want to be a good person. People will notice this.

It is ok to mention that you donated to something or that you suggest doing it, but don’t share the numbers around. Don’t mention it too often. You don’t want to do it for likes, or attention.


I highly recommend donating to a specific person instead of an organisation. You actually know who you help, and it will be easier to figure out where the money goes to. Don’t just throw your money away. Help the right people.

Questions which you should ask yourself

Donating is a good thing

I do recommend donating to things which you enjoy so that it can keep existing. Just don’t fall for the many scams. Many things need your support to stay alive.

Note: I don’t need the money. You might want to consider donating to someone who needs the money. Other than that if you like my content and want my site to exist. Donating is appreciated.

I do want to say where the money goes to if you contact me. Suggestions on what you would like to see are useful. You don’t have to donate to ask me something, but if you want me to develop something that could encourage me.

You can donate to my site through Brave, or with cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency address can be found under the donations link in the footer. I can accept most cryptocurrencies. Contact me about donating and I will reply.