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Last modified: Mon, Aug 15, 2022

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Killers and horror movies

Some horror movies are based on real-life events, but not much evidence exists to claim that movies create killers. You need evidence if you want to make such a claim. Extreme horror movies are not for everyone. They are called extreme for a reason, but they don’t cause harm towards the viewer.

Surveys show that horror movie fans are typically peaceful people. There are always exceptions. Some killers got inspired by movies, but there is no proof that movies create killers. Many more killers would exist if killers were made by horror movies. Horror movies are the most popular “money makers” in the film industry. Claiming that horror movies create killers is almost the same as claiming that video games make people violent. It is nonsense.

There are killers which love horror movies, but there are just as much killers which are obsessed with other movies. Thousands of people watch movies, but most of them don’t go out of their way to kill people. The majority of killers suffer from mental illness. Many killers tend to be insecure and had a bad childhood. Most killers kill because they want to. They do it for enjoyment.

Horror movies are usually good for you

Horror movies can help people to deal with negative experiences. It is a form of escapism. People can try to face the fear to overcome it. They can learn about their own fear response and regulate their own emotions. Some scientists claim that horror films could be used to desensitize individuals with phobias and various forms of trauma.

A study shows that horror fans are much better psychologically than others during COVID-19. A 2018 study found that horror fans may enjoy being scared, because it helps them gain a sense of control over their fears from the safety of living room couches or darkened movie theatres. There are many more positive studies about horror movies. Horror movies are good for most people.

They are only good if you can manage them though. Some people get poor sleep from horror movies. Poor sleep can cause mental health issues. Those who suffer from anxiety might want to avoid some movies as well. Their intrusive thoughts and can be triggered by horror movies.