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Last modified: Sat, Oct 29, 2022

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Love, what is it? People find it hard to define. I listed some videos about the topic. It is an interesting topic to think about. I do have some of my thoughts about love listed in a section below the videos. I am not a fan of the idea of love. Although I fell for it before.

Video one


Video two



Happiness and love

A relationship likely won’t make you much happier. Being single doesn’t mean that you lack something. Happiness is not linear, and everyone goes through up and downs.

Staying single gives you more time to think and to improve yourself. It, in general, gives you more freedom. Love doesn’t come without its cons, as the videos above describe. Good connections can be a better as a form of love, than putting all your time into someone else.

Sex is overrated

Sex, and love is a natural desire. It keeps the species alive. Love and sex can be like an addiction. Some people think it is how to achieve meaning in life. While sex can be fun. It isn’t that special and only lasts a moment. I have had it before thus, I speak from my own experience.

Having kids limits your own development. But let’s be thankful for the great people who were once created by others. Kids cost you a lot of time, and you do not have the control over what others do. There is an illusion of achieving meaning when you get kids. It does not automatically make you more happy. Living costs resources. I am by no means an antinatalist. All geniuses, and cool people wouldn’t exist if antinatalists got their way. You either take life with all its flaws, or you don’t appreciate life at all.


I think love is a natural system that is made so that people reproduce. Love is not often as you expect. You might regret it. People make stupid decisions out of love. Emotions are not the same as logic, and you should not blindly trust your emotions. Going through a breakup is probably a good thing. It can make you learn about yourself.