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Last modified: Wed, Sep 7, 2022

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My beliefs

I am an agnostic atheist.

An agnostic is someone who questions of there could be a God. That by itself does not say much of what you believe, so I prefer pair it up with atheism. Atheism is the lack of a belief in a God. Agnostic atheism points out that I am closer to not believing in a God than believing in one. Most people probably are somewhat agnostic.

I have never seen a God, which does not mean that it can’t exist. I just think it is unlikely and illogical. It is good to question things. Many things which people find normal aren’t always great ways to do something. Look at keyboard layouts for example.

What proof do we have there is a DOG?. ATH-FLEA-IST convention.
What proof do we have there is a DOG? - Cartoon by Dan Reynolds

Religion is dangerous

Many religions exist for political reasons. They are often used to create war, but religions will always exist. Humans create religion by nature. Many religions likely do more bad than good. It can help people, but religion also makes some people more blind. Religion encourages dehumanizing other groups.

You can believe in a God or Gods without being part of a religion. Religions are like cults. Christianity says that every non-believer goes to hell, so it dehumanizes that group. It is impossible to truly respect each other’s beliefs because of things like that. Religion shapes behavior.

The famous this is fine dog meme says 'hell is fine.'.
Hell is fine - Edit of the 'This Is Fine' internet meme.

Buddhism is a religion

Some people claim that Buddhism is a lifestyle – not a religion. Buddhism includes a philosophy that every life has value. It can influence the opinion Buddhists have about abortion. Abortion is also life. Following something like that blindly makes it a cult or religion. Abortion will happen, even if it gets banned. It just will be done in a more dangerous unprofessional way.

There are many Buddhist cults, but yet some people claim that it isn’t a religion. Religions don’t allow new insights. It doesn’t allow reason or criticism, which makes it dangerous. Buddhism has mythologies too, which is another reason why it is a religion. You can adopt some things of the lifestyle, but that does not mean you believe in Buddhism.

Many books originate from the same source

The ideas of Islam, Mormonism and Christianity all come from Judaism. They come from the same ideas, but are edited. It is good to have some skepticism and question things. You are free to believe what you want though.

I highly recommend the anime "Haibane Renmei". You can find it on YouTube .

Angel anime characters. One of them holds a book about the beginning of the world.

" The beginning of the world is very interesting.
There are many stories in many places…
but they’re all sort of similar in parts. "
– Rakka (Haibane Renmei episode five)

An alternative to religion

Wouldn’t it be great to explore more ideas instead of sticking to one idea? Good news! Philosophy exists, which studies complex questions. Personally I would recommend Nietzsche. No matter which religion you follow.

My “How to read philosophy books” article contains more information on how to approach the subject.


I believe that everyone supports someone’s ideas, not the person. It is hard to say that you really support someone completely.

I try to have no enemies, but others might see me as an enemy. Supporting one idea usually means that you are against another idea. I don’t believe that having enemies is useful. Having enemies is often a sign of weakness in my opinion. Blocking people out of conversations only brings aggression instead of an understanding. Blocking illegal things and spam is understandable though.

You could try to view everyone as equal. But we do not all have the same talents. Thus, we are not equal. Life would be boring if we were. That does not mean that you shouldn’t be respectful towards others. It doesn’t mean that you deserve special treatment either.