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Last modified: Mon, Aug 15, 2022

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Eating less meat won’t save the planet

Reasons to be vegan

There are reasons to eat less meat other than the environment. It is true that a meal for us lasts only a few minutes, but a meal has cost the animal their entire life. It is about morals, not about the environment. The moral reasons are valid in my opinion.

Morality is subjective though. People often indirectly support harm. Computer parts aren’t often produced in an ethical way, so cause harm. Many people replace technology rather fast. You probably should be a minimalist if you are a vegan who believes that being vegan is about not supporting unnecessary harm. Minimalism means only using what you need or value.

It is correct that the loss of a meat consumer is neglectable to the industry though. Most people just eat what’s convenient. Vegan food is often more expensive and less accessible. That is probably the biggest reason why there aren’t that many vegans. I don’t eat a lot of meat, and won’t always mind vegan food.

Advice when you want to convince others

It is hard for people to just give up something completely immediately. It is ok for someone to eat cheese and not meat. A step to closer to your goal, is still a step. People are allowed to make their own choices. Be patient if you want to convince people. Don’t scare them away by claiming that they are not vegan.

Eating bugs is good, actually

Eating bugs is good for your health and the environment. I think it is the future. There are many kinds of bugs with different tastes. Eating bugs has a lot of potential in my opinion. It is a very efficient way of producing food.

You could argue that it is just as immoral as killing big animals, because bugs are animals. It is known that insects have nociceptors. This does not necessarily mean that they can experience pain. Another thing to consider is the lifespan of an insect. Most insects don’t have a long lifetime. Most humans don’t sympathise a lot with bugs.

Renewable energy isn’t a solution

People like to hate on nuclear energy, but the radioactive stuff has to be somewhere. Putting it in the ground without monitoring it is more dangerous. The white smoke that gets released into the air is actually just steam. It is not toxic.

The biggest problem with renewable energy is that it isn’t recyclable. The following video contains more information about problems with renewables.


At the end of the day, the companies are the worst for the environment. It is those people you need to convince. What regular people do is neglectable compared to the harm that companies cause.

Some companies claim that they care about the environment, but they still purposely create products which break easily, so that you will buy new ones. There obviously are some good companies too.


Much garbage just gets dumped on islands. I think that this is a pretty widely known fact. Using trash cans does not suddenly make your trash good for the environment. It does help for the ocean life though. You should still use trash cans.

Which other things can you do?

Minimalism is a good way of living in my opinion. Using less, creates less garbage. This does not mean that you have to throw everything away. Just don’t get too many useless things.

You could spread the word and debunk some lies that people spread around. It is a complex problem that smart people might be able to solve someday. It is not your average person that does the most damage to th