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Last modified: Sat, Oct 29, 2022

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The impact of food

Not eating meat won’t save the planet

Here is some science about eating meat, if you are into that kind of stuff. Food waste tends to be a bigger factor than what you eat. Although, to me the values which drive you matter more. I do not care about which food you consume.

The values of veganism

You might be acting out of strength if you think it makes you more healthy. Although, I do not think that is true. It is admirable that they are able to change a habit.

The typical veganism values stink of slave morality. Morals are subjective and often cultural. I do not intend to say that all vegans are guilty of it. Some people act out of strength and think it makes them more healthy. That’s admirable. Most act based on morals.

I recommend watching listening to the following video a few times.

The loss of a meat consumer is neglectable to the industry. Most people eat what’s convenient. Vegan food often is more expensive and less accessible. I don’t eat a lot of meat, and won’t always mind vegan food.

Eating bugs

Eating bugs has a lot of potential. It is a very efficient way of producing food. Many kinds of bugs have different tastes. I do think it has a future.

People who see hurting others as immoral could argue that it is as immoral as killing big animals. Ιt is a weak argument. Equality isn’t real, certain things produce more value as others.

Insects have nociceptors. But it does not necessarily mean that they can experience pain. Most insects don’t have a long lifetime, which should be taken in consideration. Most humans don’t sympathise a lot with bugs.

Renewable energy

People like to hate on nuclear energy, but the radioactive stuff has to be somewhere. Putting it in the ground without monitoring it is more dangerous. The white smoke that gets released into the air is steam. It is not toxic.

Renewable energy isn’t as recyclable as some think. The following video contains more information about problems with renewables.


Companies have the biggest impact on the environment. It is those people you need to convince. What regular people do is neglectable compared to the harm that companies cause.

Some companies claim that they care about the environment, but they still purposely create products which break easily, so that you will buy new ones. There obviously are some good companies too.


Much garbage gets dumped on islands. I think that this is a pretty widely known fact. Using trash cans does not suddenly make your trash good for the environment. You should still use trash cans, to avoid creating a pile of garbage at home. It can’t be healthy to live between the trash.


Minimalism is interesting. Using less results in creating less garbage. I do not intend to say that you should throw everything you do not use often away. Just think of what you really need, and seek a balance. Having less makes it easier to find things, which can increase your productivity.

Minimalism itself doesn’t have a huge impact on the environment. Simply because it is not your average person that does the most damage to the environment.

Does the environment matter?

Probably as much as people claim. Climate change isn’t only impacted by the environment. The dinosaurs died without much garbage being present. Moving garbage away from you is still recommended to avoid diseases and pests.

It has an impact on many things – I won’t deny that. Although, you likely can’t change it. Certain people can invent things to minimize the impact. Although, does it really help much in the long-term?