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Last modified: Sat, Jan 14, 2023

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People start to assume things

I rather have my own opinions than being associated with what I voted for. People who disagree with the party which you voted for might hate you because they think that you agree with something from some party. People don’t tend to agree with all opinions of someone else.

Most people are close minded when it comes to politics. They only look at one side of a problem. People often don’t listen in discussions about politics. They often believe the party which they like so much that they won’t hear the other opinions. Certain knowledge is best kept to yourself.

It takes time

Talking about politics takes time. There is a time a place to talk about it. Talking about politics often brings more problems as most people don’t want to listen. Most people don’t know how to have a decent talk. Many things of the media are lies and propaganda. Searching for the truth can take a lot of your time. I prefer to use my time for things which I find more important.

There are people with which I can talk about politics, but those people are people who dare to question things. They research to find the truth, and history about a topic because they are very interested in politics. I am not that interested in politics. What you vote for is often none of people their business in the first place.

Your vote isn’t as important as you think in democracy. Thus, politics do not matter as much as you might think. It is good to stay up to date to know of you have to do an action or not. Sometimes it is good to save money or to know that you will have to move.

Not everyone understands you

You vote for things which matter to you. It is possible that you are like me and that you don’t stand for some party. I prefer to think in ideas, not in people or parties. I believe that you can’t completely agree with someone.

You can try to explain why you vote for something, but discussions like that can take a ton of time. I think that every party has some problems. It isn’t possible to have something which everyone agrees with.

You can’t avoid politics

Yes, that is correct. There is politics in everything, but talking about some problems can be more trouble than it is worth. It depends on the person which you are talking with. I do say my opinion when asked, but I try to phrase it in a certain way depending on the person. I might not tell everything.

I don’t want to associate myself with some person or party. It is impossible to not talk about politics in some way. Talking about big problems is usually not worth your time in my opinion. Unless that person has done enough research. You have to be in the right place at the right time.

Which party does Robin Wils support?

I don’t stand for any party, and dislike systemic thinking. My opinion can change from year to year. I do like the view Nietzsche had on politics. The people matter more than the way of ruling. Ruling is always hierarchical. Sometimes it might not seem like that, but it is. Look up “Nietzsche Sipo Matador” for more information. The Nietzsche podcast has an episode on it.